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Australian Top Lists

Top 5 performers in each event (6 for relay events) recorded by Australian athletes since 1 July 2021.

Cover photo courtesy of Athletics Australia

Top 5 performers in each event (6 for relay events) recorded by Australian athletes since 1 July 2021, which is when the qualifying period for the 2022 Commonwealth Games commenced.

Last updated 6pm AEST, 10 June 2022.

Commonwealth Games selections

The Commonwealth Games qualifying period ends on 12 June after the Oceania Championships. After the close of the qualifying period Athletics Australia’s selectors will select a team of just 68 athletes in able body events based on the quota provided by Commonwealth Games Australia, with the aim to “nominate the strongest possible team to produce the highest overall results at the Commonwealth Games.” Full detail of the nomination process is outlined in Athletics Australia’s Nomination Policy, last updated on 6 May, and includes processes for automatic selections, places for 6 developing athletes, and then final nominations to fill the team quota.

Some athletes have already been selected in the Commonwealth Games team and remaining selections are discretionary. Some athletes are seeking selection in both the Commonwealth Games team (28 July – 8 August) and World Championships (15-24 July), with the qualifying period for the latter closing on 26 June.

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Women’s Top Lists

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Performances in bold are those since 27 May, when we last updated this article.

1100mHana Basic11.1610 July 2021
2100mElla Connolly11.2514 December 2021 & 5 March 2022
3100mNaa Anang11.297 June 2022
4100mRiley Day11.3111 July 2021
5100mTorrie Lewis11.3318 December 2021
5100mBree Masters11.331 April 2022
1200mRiley Day22.562 August 2021
2200mJacinta Beecher22.703 May 2022
3200mElla Connolly22.956 March 2022
4200mKristie Edwards23.176 November 2021
5200mTorrie Lewis23.186 March 2022
1400mElla Connolly52.2112 March 2022
2400mBendere Oboya52.373 August 2021
3400mSarah Carli52.909 April 2022
4400mKendra Hubbard53.2317 July 2021
5400mHelen Pretorius53.2829 January 2022
6400mEllie Beer53.301 April 2022
1800mCatriona Bisset1:58.429 July 2021
2800mGeorgia Griffith2:00.729 June 2022
3800mImogen Barrett2:01.4214 May 2022
4800mBendere Oboya2:01.9212 March 2022
5800mClaudia Hollingsworth2:02.3412 March 2022
11500mJessica Hull3:58.816 August 2021
21500mLinden Hall3:59.016 August 2021
31500mGeorgia Griffith4:00.165 June 2022
41500mAbbey Caldwell4:04.1819 May 2022
51500mMaudie Skyring4:08.155 June 2022
15000mJessica Hull15:06.132 Apri 2022
25000mNatalie Rule15:06.506 May 2022
35000mRose Davies15:07.492 April 2022
45000mIsobel Batt-Doyle15:10.972 April 2022
55000mJenny Blundell15:11.2730 July 2021
110000mRose Davies31:18.546 May 2022
210000mIsobel Batt-Doyle31:40.1014 May 2022
310000mAmelia Mazza-Downie32:55.261 April 2022
410000mLauren Ryan32:56.5312 May 2022
510000mEloise Wellings33:00.8726 January 2022
1100m HLiz Clay12.711 August 2021
2100m HCeleste Mucci12.962 April 2022
3100m HMichelle Jenneke13.015 June 2022
4100m HAbbie Taddeo13.0220 February 2022
5100m HHannah Jones13.182 April 2022
1400m HSarah Carli55.988 June 2022
2400m HAlanah Yukich57.9315 May 2022
3400m HIsabella Guthrie58.0819 March 2022
4400m HGenvieve Cowie58.2319 March 2022
5400m HBrodee Mate58.2919 March 2022
13000m StGenevieve Gregson (maternity)9:17.819 July 2021
23000m StAmy Cashin9:31.2819 May 2022
33000m StBrielle Erbacher9:32.9629 April 2022
43000m StCara Feain-Ryan9:40.6631 March 2022
53000m StGeorgia Winkcup9:41.5219 March 2022
1MarathonEloise Wellings2:25:1013 March 2022
2MarathonJessica Stenson2:25:1517 October 2021
3MarathonMilly Clark2:26:5912 December 2021
4MarathonSinead Diver2:27:074 October 2020
5MarathonSarah Klein2:30:493 April 2022
110000m WalkJemima Montag42:39.222 January 2022
210000m WalkKatie Hayward44:27.8030 March 2022
310000m WalkBec Henderson44:40.0930 March 2022
410000m WalkOlivia Sandery45:24.115 January 2022
510000m WalkClara Smith45:36.122 January 2022
1High JumpNicola Olyslagers (nee McDermott)2.02m7 August 2021
2High JumpEleanor Patterson2.00m (i)19 March 2022
3High JumpErin Shaw1.83m29 January 2022
4High JumpToby Stolberg1.82m17 October 2021
5High JumpAlexandra Harrison1.80m15 January 2022
5High JumpEmily Whelan1.80m22 January 2022
5High JumpAnnie Stapleton1.80m20 February 2022
5High JumpChelsea Freidrich1.80m1 April 2022
1Pole VaultNina Kennedy4.70m28 January 2022
2Pole VaultElizaveta Parnova4.55m18 July 2021
3Pole VaultCourtney Smallacombe4.30m16 October 2021
4Pole VaultJamie Scroop4.20m1 April 2022
4Pole VaultRaphaela Corney4.11m21 January 2022
1Long JumpBrooke Buschkuehl (nee Stratton)6.83m3 August 2021
2Long JumpSamantha Dale6.70m6 March 2022
3Long JumpTomysha Clark6.38m7 June 2022
4Long JumpJessie Harper6.30m2 April 2022
4Long JumpBrittany Carroll6.26m2 April 2022
5Long JumpTay-Leiha Clark6.25m2 April 2022
1Triple JumpKayla Cuba13.56m8 June 2022
2Triple JumpDesleigh Owusu13.49m1 April 2022
3Triple JumpTiana Boras13.10m19 February 2022
4Triple JumpAnnabelle Parmegiani13.01m29 January 2022
5Triple JumpChloe Grenade12.96m19 February 2022
1Shot PutLyvante Su'emai16.07m1 May 2022
2Shot PutEmma Berg15.05m7 June 2022
3Shot PutSally Shokry14.05m18 December 2021
4Shot PutSinead Du Toit13.66m4 February 2022
5Shot PutAlysha Pearson13.63m21 April 2022
1DiscusDani Stevens (retired)58.77m31 July 2021
2DiscusTaryn Gollshewsky57.39m8 June 2022
3DiscusSamantha Lenton57.00m15 April 2022
4DiscusLyvante Su'emai55.43m15 April 2022
5DiscusMarley Raikiwasa52.59m5 March 2022
1HammerAlex Hulley69.14m18 December 2021
2HammerStephanie Ratcliffe64.04m9 June 2022
3HammerLyvante Su'emai59.70m11 March 2022
4HammerSamantha Lenton58.14m1 April 2022
5HammerCaityln Hester57.03m18 March 2022
1JavelinKelsey-Lee Barber64.56m6 August 2021
2JavelinMackenzie Little63.18m7 June 2022
3JavelinKathryn Mitchell61.85m3 August 2021
4JavelinAlexandra Roberts56.34m7 June 2022
5JavelinLianna Davidson55.66m15 April 2022
1HeptathlonTaneille Crase59458 June 2022
2HeptathlonAnna Bush567513 May 2022
3HeptathlonTori West558216 January 2022
4HeptathlonCamryn Newton-Smith553613 May 2022
5HeptathlonAlysha Burnett53152 April 2022

Men’s Top Lists

1100mRohan Browning10.0131 July 2021
2100mJake Doran10.197 June 2022
3100mJake Penny10.2314 December 2021
4100mJacob Despard10.247 June 2022
5100mJack Hale10.2612 February 2022
6100mChristopher Mitrevski10.2722 January 2022
6100mJoshua Azzopardi10.277 June 2022
1200mAidan Murphy20.4120 February 2022
2200mCalab Law20.6329 March 2022
3200mConnor Diffey20.7219 December 2021
4200mAlex Hartmann20.736 March 2022
5200mJake Doran20.772 April 2022
1400mSteven Solomon44.941 August 2021
2400mAlex Beck45.541 August 2021
3400mTom Willems45.9725 May 2022
4400mCameron Searle46.0929 January 2022
5400mIan Halpin46.2118 February 2022
6400mConnor Diffey46.284 December 2021
1800mPeter Bol1:44.111 August 2021
2800mJeff Riseley (retired)1:45.4131 July 2021
3800mCharlie Hunter1:45.9131 July 2021
4800mJoseph Deng1:46.778 June 2022
5800mJye Perrott1:47.018 June 2022
11500mStewart McSweyn3:29.519 July 2021
21500mOli Hoare3:32.669 September 2021
31500mJye Edwards3:33.239 July 2021
41500mMatthew Ramsden3:34.083 July 2021
51500mRorey Hunter3:37.343 July 2021
15000mOli Hoare13:09.96 (i)4 December 2021
25000mMatthew Ramsden13:17.1128 May 2022
35000mBrett Robinson13:21.5928 May 2022
45000mKy Robinson13:21.85 (i)11 February 2022
55000mSam McEntee13:24.266 May 2022
110000mJack Rayner27:15.356 March 2022
210000mPatrick Tiernan27:45.956 March 2022
310000mKy Robinson27:47.1129 April 2022
410000mBrett Robinson27:51.516 May 2022
510000mDavid McNeill28:22.0826 January 2022
1110m HNick Hough13.439 June 2022
2110m HNick Andrews13.629 June 2022
3110m HChristopher Douglas13.659 April 2022
4110m HSam Hurwood13.709 June 2022
5110m HJacob McCorry13.8619 December 2021
1400m HConor Fry50.8328 January 2022
2400m HMark Fokas51.1215 January 2022
3400m HHarvey Murrant51.5810 February 2022
4400m HLuke Major51.9015 January 2022
5400m HAngus Proudfoot52.3828 January 2022
13000m StBen Buckingham8:20.9530 July 2021
23000m StEd Trippas8:29.368 June 2022
33000m StMatthew Clarke8:28.7429 April 2022
43000m StMax Stevens8:30.7029 April 2022
53000m StKy Robinson8:33.9114 May 2022
1MarathonAndrew Buchanan2:12:2324 April 2022
2MarathonReece Edwards2:13:2024 October 2021
3MarathonEd Goddard2:13:453 April 2022
4MarathonBrett Robinson2:14:3312 December 2021
5MarathonTom Do Canto2:14:4112 December 2021
110000m WalkDeclan Tingay39:01.322 January 2022
210000m WalkKyle Swan39:22.022 January 2022
310000m WalkRhydian Cowley40:28.122 January 2022
410000m WalkQuentin Rew40:35.215 January 2022
510000m WalkWill Thompson41:00.322 January 2022
1High JumpBrandon Starc2.35m1 August 2021
2High JumpJoel Baden2.27m19 February 2022
3High JumpYual Reath2.25m11 December 2021
4High JumpSimilowa Thomsen-Ajayi2.16m12 March 2022
5High JumpOscar Miers2.15m15 January 2022
1Pole VaultKurtis Marschall5.82m14 September 2021
2Pole VaultAngus Armstrong5.40m7 January 2022
3Pole VaultDalton Di Medio5.30m6 March 2022
4Pole VaultJack Downey5.20m6 March 2022
4Pole VaultLachlan Burns5.20m13 May 2022
1Long JumpChristopher Mitrevski8.21m2 April 2022
2Long JumpDarcy Roper8.02m7 July 2021
3Long JumpOscar Miers8.04m28 May 2022
4Long JumpHenry Frayne7.93m31 July 2021 & 8 May 2022
5Long JumpSam Taylor7.83m9 April 2022
1Triple JumpJulian Konle16.56m14 May 2022
2Triple JumpAyo Ore16.26m28 May 2022
3Triple JumpAiden Hinson16.16m1 April 2022
4Triple JumpShemiah James16.08m1 April 2022
5Triple JumpDylan James15.84m1 April 2022
1Shot PutDamien Birkinhead19.28m9 April 2022
2Shot PutAlexander Kolesnikoff19.19m26 March 2022
3Shot PutAiden Harvey19.05m9 April 2022
4Shot PutDaniel Green17.04m7 June 2022
5Shot PutCourtney Heinze16.44m7 January 2022
1DiscusMatt Denny67.07m5 June 2022
2DiscusLachlan Page57.57m1 April 2022
3DiscusDeclan Carman56.43m26 February 2022
4DiscusMitchell Cooper56.32m5 March 2022
5DiscusNicholas Dyson52.15m12 February 2022
1HammerJames Joycey69.29m26 May 2022
2HammerNed Weatherly69.20m31 March 2022
3HammerTimothy Heyes68.31m12 March 2022
4HammerCosta Kousparis66.07m31 March 2022
5HammerWilliam Brown65.44m20 February 2022
1JavelinCameron McEntyre81.96m22 April 2022
2JavelinCruz Hogan79.25m7 June 2022
3JavelinHamish Peacock77.15m19 February 2022
4JavelinLiam O'Brien76.63m21 April 2022
5JavelinHoward McDonald75.29m6 March 2022
1DecathlonAsh Moloney86495 August 2021
2DecathlonCedric Dubler83932 April 2022
3DecathlonDaniel Golubovic833619 December 2021
4DecathlonAlec Diamon80022 April 2022
5DecathlonChristian Paynter74149 January 2022

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