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Oregon World Championships Tracking

Cover image of Natalie Rule by Fred Etter

To be eligible for selection to this year’s World Championships in Oregon (15-24 July), athletes need to either reach a qualifying standard, or accumulate a high enough World Athletics Ranking.

The World Athletics Rankings are complex, but in essence reward the quality of performance and the placing achieved, in competitions of different standards. We’ll update the table below on a fortnightly basis, and add commentary and insights along the way.

For athletes that won’t reach the qualifying standards, the best point scoring opportunities will come at the upcoming Oceania Championships (7-12 June in Mackay). At the same time, there are a considerable number of point scoring meets in Europe that will see many international athletes rack up points before the cut-off date of 26 June.

Up to three eligible athletes can be selected in each event.

We last updated this article just before the Australian Championships, so there’s a lot of movements below. Here’s some highlights:

  • Qualifying performances from Cedric Dubler (Decathlon), Jacinta Beecher (200m), Jessica Hull (5000m), Rose Davies (5000m and 10000m) and Natalie Rule (5000m);
  • Point improvements from athletes who took out national titles. Generally, this has increased an athlete’s ranking, unless offset by:
  • International competitors establishing and/or improving their rankings as the international athletics season gets into swing.
  • Removal of the 2019 Oceania Championships from World Athletics’s ranking calculations during April (the most recent edition of the area championship always counts for rankings). Where an athlete’s ranking score has dropped, that’s usually the reason.
  • Selection of the Australian team for the 2022 Oceania Championships. Australian athletes who aren’t part of this team generally have a real uphill battle to secure enough ranking points to obtain a quota position.
  • Announcement of initial selections for the Commonwealth Games. For some athletes where doubling at the world championships a fortnight prior isn’t practical (e.g. marathoners Liam Adams and Sinead Diver) that’s essentially an indication that they won’t be selected for the world championships.
  • Announcement of the Australian Junior team for the World U20 Championships. This takes place one week after the World Championships.
Abbey Caldwell and Georgia Griffith race to the line in the 2022 Australian 1500m title. Photo by Fred Etter.

Stop Press!

Abbey Caldwell has taken out the 1500m at the USATF Distance Classic in a time of 4:04.18, bettering the qualifying standard for the World Championships. The national champion is now in a very strong position for selection in the world championships and Commonwealth Games. We’ll add the qualifying performance to the table below when we next update in a fortnight.


  • On the road to Oregon (and beyond)

    2022 is a unique year in athletics, with the World Championships and Commonwealth Games both taking place. We caught up with Athletics Australia General Manager of High Performance, Andrew Faichney, to ask where Australia’s athletes will focus their attention.

    Read more

The Rankings

Last updated 19 May

Red denotes athletes whose ranking has dropped since pre Australian Championships

Green denotes athletes whose ranking has improved since pre Australian Championships

^ Denotes athletes selected in the Australian team for the Oceania Championships. Note that there are also other athletes within the Australian team for this event, who aren’t listed below due to not being in contention for world championship selection based on their current ranking. We’ll have a preview of the Championships closer to the event.

Women’s Qualifying

NameEventStatusRankingScoreCurrent quotaSelected for
Ella Connolly^100mQuota36 (-4)1182 (+16)1151 (48th)
Hana Basic100mQuota37 (-8)11751151 (48th)
Bree Masters^100mQuota41 (new)11661151 (48th)
Torrie Lewis100mQuota+451158 (+24)1151 (48th)World Juniors
Mia Gross^100mOutside quota59 (new)11291151 (48th)
Riley Day200mQualified22 (-3)22.56
Jacinta Beecher^200mQualified34 (new)22.70
Ella Connolly^200mQuota39 (-4)1173 (+14)1111 (56th)
Torrie Lewis200mQuota+45+ (-1)1149 (+24)1111 (56th)World Juniors
Bree Masters^200mQuota+52+ (new)11301111 (56th)
Kristie Edwards200mQuota+53+ (-5)1128 (+7)1111 (56th)
Monique Quirk200mOutside quota66+ (-11)1110 (+17)1111 (56th)
Ellie Beer^400mOutside quota67 (-6)1107 (+20)1142 (48th)World Juniors
Catriona Bisset800mQualified16 (-1)1:58.42World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Tess Kirsopp-Cole^800mQuota35 (+11)1155 (+33)1127 (48th)
Imogen Barrett800mQuota40 (new)11411127 (48th)
Ellie Sanford800mQuota+45 (+2)1136 (+17)1127 (48th)
Claudia Hollingsworth800mOutside quota50+ (new)11241127 (48th)
Carley Thomas800mOutside quota64+ (new)11021127 (48th)
Jessica Hull1500mQualified73:58.81
Linden Hall1500mQualified83:59.01
Georgia Griffith1500mQuota33 (new)11971130 (45th)
Abbey Caldwell^1500mQuota+33+ (new)11891130 (45th)
Claudia Hollingsworth^1500mQuota+46+ (new)11241130 (45th)World Juniors
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron^1500mOutside quota47+ (+7)1106 (+55)1130 (45th)
Holly Campbell1500mOutside quota56+ (-6)1081 (+6)1130 (45th)
Maudie Skyring1500mOutside quota56+ (new)10801130 (45th)
Jessica Hull5000mQualified28 (new)15:06.13World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Natalie Rule5000mQualified29 (new)15:06.50
Rose Davies5000mQualified32 (new)15:07.49
Isobel Batt-Doyle5000mQuota+34+ (-6)1175 (+22)1113 (42nd)
Lauren Ryan5000mQuota+36+ (new)11371113 (42nd)
Jenny Blundell5000mQuota+38+ (-6)11231113 (42nd)
Caitlin Adams5000mOutside quota42+ (-9)11051113 (42nd)
Paige Campbell^5000mOutside quota46+ (-14)1099 (-30)1113 (42nd)
Amelia Mazza-Downie5000mOutside quota49+ (new)10831113 (42nd)
Ruby Smee5000mOutside quota50+ (-4)1078 (+16)1113 (42nd)
Cara Woolnough5000mOutside quota46+ (-3)1078 (+20)1113 (42nd)
Rose Davies10000mQualified26 (+4)31:18.54
Isobel Batt-Doyle10000mOutside quota321181Entry standard (27th)
Genevieve Gregson (maternity)10000mOutside quota361153Entry standard (27th)
Liz Clay100m HQualified1412.71World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Celeste Mucci^100m HQuota26 (+4)12121162 (40th)
Hannah Jones^100m HQuota35 (new)11711162 (40th)
Abbie Taddeo100m HQuota+36 (+4)1168 (+28)1162 (40th)
Michelle Jenneke^100m HOutside quota40+ (+1)1162 (+25)1162 (40th)
Sarah Carli^400m HQuota37 (-8)1152 (-11)1119 (40th)
Isabella Guthrie400m HOutside quota49 (+1)1107 (+46)1119 (40th)World Juniors
Genevieve Cowie^400m HOutside quota58 (-15)1085 (+3)1119 (40th)
Genevieve Gregson (maternity)3000m StQualified159:17.81
Brielle Erbacher^3000m StQuota29 (+9)1188 (+73)1129 (45th)
Cara Feain-Ryan^3000m StQuota31 (new)11691129 (45th)
Georgia Winkcup3000m StQuota+32+ (-6)1166 (-28)1129 (45th)
Rosie Donegan3000m StOutside quota49+ (new)1105 (+23)1129 (45th)
Charlotte Wilson3000m StOutside quota61+ (-16)10711129 (45th)
Amy Cashin3000m StNo Ranking
Nicola Olyslagers (nee McDermott)High JumpQualified22.02mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Eleanor PattersonHigh JumpQualified32.00mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Nina Kennedy^Pole VaultQualified10 (-1)4.70mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Elizaveta ParnovaPole VaultQuota29 (-13)1094 (-43)1091 (32nd)
Courtney Smallacombe^Pole VaultOutside quota37 (-5)1059 (+9)1091 (32nd)
Jamie Scroop^Pole VaultOutside quota42+ (new)10431091 (32nd)
Brooke Buschkuehl (nee Stratton)Long JumpQualified12 (-2)6.83m
Samantha Dale^Long JumpQuota29 (new)11521147 (32nd)
Brittany CarrollLong JumpOutside quota51 (-13)1095 (+24)1147 (32nd)
Tomysha Clark^Long JumpOutside quota58+ (-12)1084 (+24)1147 (32nd)
Desleigh Owusu^Triple JumpOutside quota45 (-7)1066 (+25)1123 (32nd)
Shot Put1076 (32nd)
Taryn Gollshewsky^DiscusOutside quota53 (new)10021070 (32nd)
Samantha LentonDiscusOutside quota56992 (+63)1070 (32nd)
Alexandra Hulley^HammerQuota27 (-3)1106 (-3)1092 (32nd)
Kelsey-Lee Barber^JavelinWild Card1World ChampionWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Mackenzie Little^JavelinQuota12 (new)12181044 (32nd)
Alexandra RobertsJavelinOutside quota41 (+4)1001 (+70)1044 (32nd)
Mackenzie MielczarekJavelinOutside quota48 (-5)979 (+36)1044 (32nd)World Juniors
Kathryn MitchellJavelinNo Ranking1044 (32nd)
Eloise WellingsMarathonQualified24 (-3)2:25:10
Jessica StensonMarathonQualified25 (-3)2:25:15
Milly ClarkMarathonQualified44 (-4)2:26:59
Sinead DiverMarathonQualified49+ (-4)2:27:16Commonwealth Games
Ellie Pashley (maternity)MarathonQuota96+ (-1)10991116 (100th)
Jemima Montag20km WalkQualified51:27:27World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Katie Hayward20km WalkQualified33 (-4)1:30:41
Rebecca Henderson20km WalkQuota38 (-6)11751037 (60th)
Kelly Ruddick35km WalkQuota33 (new)1115923 (60th)
Taneille Crase^HeptathlonOutside quota55 (new)10891186 (24th)
Women4x100mOutside Top List1743.1142.97 (16th)
Women4x400mOutside Top List193:30.613:30.02 (16th)

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Men’s Qualifying

NameEventStatusRankingScoreCurrent quotaSelected for
Rohan Browning100mQualified18 (-5)10.01
Jake Doran^100mQuota42 (+8)1179 (+48)1165 (48th)
Aidan Murphy200mQuota32 (-1)1186 (+31)1136 (56th)World Juniors
Calab Law200mQuota44 (+6)1152 (+45)1136 (56th)World Juniors
Jake Doran200mQuota54 (-3)1138 (+31)1136 (56th)
Steve Solomon400mNo Ranking1135 (48th)
Alex Beck400mQuota32 (+1)1174 (+32)1135 (48th)
Tom Willems400mOutside quota60 (new)11211135 (48th)
Ian Halpin400mOutside quota63 (-12)1117 (+17)1108 (48th)
Peter Bol800mQualified11 (-1)1:44.11World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Charlie Hunter800mOutside quota49 (new)11531155 (40th)
Stewart McSweyn1500mQualified53:29.51
Oli Hoare1500mQualified163:32.66
Jye Edwards1500mQualified203:33.23
Matthew Ramsden1500mQualified29+ (-1)3:34.08
Rorey Hunter1500mOutside quota52+ (-8)1134 (-21)1150 (45th)
Callum Davies1500mOutside quota53+ (new)11291150 (45th)
Oli Hoare5000mQualified24 (-3)13:09.96World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Matthew Ramsden5000mQuota32 (new)12011125 (42nd)
Ky Robinson5000mQuota33 (new)11691125 (42nd)
Sam McEntee5000mQuota+38+ (-5)1137 (+14)1125 (42nd)
Isaac Heyne5000mOutside quota46+ (-8)1113 (+15)1125 (42nd)
Matthew Clarke5000mOutside quota51+ (-11)10961125 (42nd)
Jack Bruce5000mOutside quota52+ (-8)1088 (+18)1125 (42nd)
Stewart McSweyn5000mNo Ranking1125 (42nd)
David McNeill5000mNo Ranking1125 (42nd)
Morgan McDonald5000mNo Ranking1125 (42nd)
Patrick Tiernan5000mNo Ranking1125 (42nd)
Jack Rayner10000mQualified1527:15.75World Championships
Brett Robinson10000mOutside quota31 (new)11871217 (27th)
Patrick Tiernan10000mNo Ranking1217 (27th)
Chris Douglas110m HQuota30 (new)11211187 (40th)
Nick Hough110m HQuota31 (+10)11211187 (40th)
Nicholas Andrews110m HOutside quota46 (-3)11701187 (40th)
Conor Fry400m HOutside quota52 (-8)1099 (+20)1135 (40th)
Ed Trippas3000m StQualified278:19.60
Ben Buckingham3000m StQualified298:20.95
Matthew Clarke3000m StQuota35 (+1)1140 (+12)1096 (45th)
Max Stevens3000m StQuota36+ (-3)1139 (+4)1096 (45th)
Luke Graves3000m StOutside quota56+ (new)10501096 (45th)
Brandon StarcHigh JumpQualified42.35m
Joel BadenHigh JumpQuota191177 (+17)1117 (32nd)
Yual ReathHigh JumpQuota26 (+1)1150 (+33)1117 (32nd)
Simioluwa Thomsen-AjayiHigh JumpOutside quota50+ (new)10791117 (32nd)
Oscar MiersHigh JumpOutside quota57+ (new)10671117 (32nd)
Kurtis MarschallPole VaultQualified135.82mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Angus ArmstrongPole VaultOutside quota44 (-8)1113 (-18)1176 (32nd)
Christopher MitrevskiLong JumpQuota20 (-1)1220 (+53)1153 (32nd)
Henry FrayneLong JumpQuota30 (new)11591153 (32nd)
Sam TaylorLong JumpOutside quota5511011153 (32nd)
Ayo OreTriple JumpOutside quota35 (-11)1122 (+7)1132 (32nd)
Julian KonleTriple JumpOutside quota39 (-6)1109 (+58)1132 (32nd)
Shemiah JamesTriple JumpOutside quota52 (new)10681132 (32nd)
Emmanuele FakiyeTriple JumpOutside quota57+ (+18)10581132 (32nd)
Shot Put1158 (32nd)
Matt DennyDiscusQualified8 (-1)67.02mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Ned WeatherlyHammerOutside quota47 (-20)1063 (+1)1113 (32nd)
Cameron McEntyreJavelinQuota19 (new)11471108 (32nd)
Cruz HoganJavelinOutside quota35 (-3)1096 (+59)1108 (32nd)
William WhiteJavelinOutside quota56 (new)1038 (+11)1108 (32nd)
Brett RobinsonMarathonOutside quota107+11061141 (100th)
Tom Do CantoMarathonOutside quota1141 (100th)
Liam AdamsMarathonOutside quota1141 (100th)Commonwealth Games
Jack RaynerMarathonOutside quota1141 (100th)Commonwealth Games
Declan Tingay20km WalkQualified35 (-5)1:20:44World Championships
Rhydian Cowley20km WalkOceania Champ43 (-5)
Kyle Swan20km WalkQuota45 (-5)1204 (+17)1089 (60th)Commonwealth Games
Will Thompson20km WalkOutside quota60+10751089 (60th)
Carl Gibbons20km WalkOutside quota61+10801089 (60th)
Tyler Jones20km WalkOutside quota67+ (new)10541089 (60th)
Tim Fraser20km WalkOutside quota70+ (+5)1042 (+52)1089 (60th)
Mitchell Baker20km WalkOutside quota70+ (new)10271089 (60th)
Rhydian Cowley35km WalkQuota41 (new)11821090 (60th)
Carl Gibbons35km WalkQuota59 (+1)1097 (+62)1090 (60th)
Ash MoloneyDecathlonQualified7 (-2)8649World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Cedric DublerDecathlonQualified15 (+5)8393World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Daniel GolubovicDecathlonQuota22 (-4)12141208 (24th)
Alec DiamondDecathlonOutside quota35+ (-3)1162 (+22)1208 (24th)
Men4x100mOutside Top List22 (-1)38.9838.51 (16th)
Men4x400mOutside Top ListN/A3:02.87 (16th)
Mixed4x400mOutside Top List223:17.003:13.60 (16th)

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