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Oregon World Championships Tracking

Our busiest, and final update, before the close of the World Championships qualifying period on 26 June.

Amy Cashin

Cover image of Amy Cashin by Fred Etter

Our busiest, and final update, before the close of the World Championships qualifying period on 26 June.

We last updated this article a fortnight ago. There’s a significant number of changes due to the Oceania Championships and international competition in Europe hitting its peak.

As a quick reminder: athletes can be eligible for selection for the World Championships by either recording a qualifying performance, or being one of the next top athletes based on World Rankings within a set quota for the size of the field in each event. The World Rankings are based on an average of a number of performances, taking into account the quality of the performance (using scoring tables) and the placing achieved, with different weighting given to competitions of different statuses.


  • As we published our last update Georgia Griffith had just recorded a 1500m qualifying mark of 4:03.95. She’s since gone even faster to run 4:00.18. It sets up an even more fascinating four-way selection decision for just three spots, between Griffith, Olympic finalists Jessica Hull and Linden Hall and national champion Abbey Caldwell.
  • Amy Cashin was already safely within the qualifying quota in the 3000m steeplechase, but now doesn’t need to worry about that, thanks to a 9:27.91 win in Portland, USA to better the qualifying mark.
  • Joseph Deng returned back to near personal best 800m form, finishing second in France in 1:44.69. It was Deng’s fifth career sub-1:45 time, with all of the other performances being recorded back in 2018.
  • Not affecting their qualifying status – they already had the qualifiers from last year – but steeplechasers Ben Buckingham (8:19.79 – a PB) and Ed Trippas (8:20.29) are in good form heading into Oregon.
  • STOP PRESS: At the Bislett Games overnight, Jack Rayner recorded a 5000m qualifying performance of 13:06.00 to become the third fastest Australian over the distance behind Craig Mottram and Stewart McSweyn. The highlight Australian performance of the meet was a new national record – and 13th fastest performer ever in the world – over the mile by Ollie Hoare. Hoare clocked a sensational 3:48.37, which you can watch in the video below. Hoare already has the 1500m qualifier to his name at 3:32.66, but actually recorded a 3:31.7 1500m split en route last night.

The winners from the Oceania Championships

Well, okay, not necessarily the actual ‘winners’ because they don’t necessarily count

Bear with us on this one.

The Oceania Championships – featuring some of Australia’s top athletes, many of New Zealand’s and a range of athletes from Pacific nations – took place last week in Mackay. The Oceania Championships are one of six Area Championships that take place around the world from time-to-time (the others being Africa; Asia; Europe; North America, Central America & Caribbean; and South America).

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In addition to reaching a qualifying standard or achieving a quota position, the Area Champion in an event is taken by World Athletics to have reached the qualifying standard in their event.

Except if the event is a field event or the 3000m steeplechase, 5000m, 10000m or multi-events, where the Technical Delegate for the World Championships has discretion to reject the qualification. You’ll see that in the tables below for most field events at the Oceania Championships, that that discretion has been used to reject the qualification.

The other caveat – and a big one – is that Athletics Australia’s selection criteria identifies that it “will not automatically accept the qualification of the Area Champions.” So, to be considered for remaining discretionary selections, the Oceania Champion ‘must still qualify in the field size on the World Athletics Ranking lists‘. World Athletics doesn’t present where the Area Champions sit on the their Road to Oregon page, so we’ve added those calculations in manually.

Celeste Mucci recorded a fast 12.75 seconds – wind-assisted with a 3.3 m/s tailwind – to win the 100m hurdles at the Oceania Championships. The performance significantly boosted her World Ranking, making her a virtual certainty to be in the qualifying quota at the end of the selection period. Photo courtesy of Athletics Australia.

Okay, so the winners…

Well, basically anyone who turned up to the Oceania Championships and finished their event. There are astronomically high ranking points – hugely disproportionate to the quality of the competition – that now count toward the World Rankings (and continue to do so for future events, until the next Oceania Championships).

You can see which athletes received the biggest boosts to their ranking scores in the past fortnight. Generally, a reasonable or good performance at the Oceania Championships resulted in a huge 20+ point improvement in a ranking score. The only exception to such large leaps in rankings not being from the Oceania Championships is from Bendere Oboya, racing the 800m in Europe. You may recall Oboya is in her first season of racing the 800m, and was unexpectedly run out in the heats of the Australian championships.

The Rankings

Last updated 16 June. Comparison made to 2 June listing.

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To aid with interpreting the tables, we’ve done some traffic light analysis of those athletes relying on quota qualifying against potential changes in the rankings from international athlete performances.

Green shading is for athletes who are safely within the quota, with it incredibly unlikely that they would be displaced by other athletes during the time left in the qualifying period.

Orange shading is for athletes who are within the quota and at risk of dropping out if other athletes improve. We’ve also categorised Kathryn Mitchell in the javelin in this manner – she doesn’t have a ranking (yet) but returned to competition last week with a 57m throw in Germany. Replicating this in the next week would move her to around 26th in the rankings.

Pink shading is for athletes who are outside the quota. It’s a real uphill battle to enter the quota (and then stay within it) at the end of the qualifying period, particularly with a number of nations holding their National Championships (high point scoring opportunities) on the final weekend of the qualifying period.

We’ve greyed out Oceania Champions that World Athletics Rejects, and athletes on maternity leave from the sport, because we reckon their achievements are still noteworthy to record.

Unshaded athletes are ones that don’t need to worry about the quota – they have qualified. There’s a few events where Australia currently has more than 3 athletes eligible for selection for the 3 places available, with some great depth in women’s events in particular:

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  • Women’s 1500m (mentioned previously)
  • Women’s 200m, with 5 athletes currently eligible for 3 available spots
  • Women’s 800m, with 5 athletes currently eligible for 2 remaining spots
  • Women’s 5000m, with 3 athletes currently eligible for 2 remaining spots
  • Women’s 100m hurdles, with 3 athletes currently eligible for 2 remaining spots
  • Women’s 3000m steeplechase, with 4 athletes currently eligible for 3 spots
  • Women’s Marathon, with 4 athletes currently eligible for 3 spots
  • Men’s 1500m, with 4 athletes currently eligible for 3 spots

Women’s Qualifying

NameEventStatusRankingScoreCurrent quotaSelected
Bree Masters100mQuota42 (+2)1204 (+38)1177 (48th)
Ella Connolly100mQuota45 (-7)1193 (+11)1177 (48th)
Hana Basic100mOutside quota51 (-12)11751177 (48th)
Torrie Lewis100mOutside quota59+11581177 (48th)World Juniors
Riley Day200mQualified24 (-2)22.56
Jacinta Beecher200mQualified35 (-1)22.70
Ella Connolly200mQuota45 (-4)1185 (+12)1141 (56th)
Bree Masters200mQuota+50+ (+8)1151 (+21)1141 (56th)
Torrie Lewis200mQuota+51+ (-2)11491141 (56th)World Juniors
Kristie Edwards200mOutside quota68+ (-8)11281141 (56th)
Monique Quirk200mOutside quota73+ (new)11241141 (56th)
Ellie Beer400mOutside quota>7411071146 (48th)World Juniors
Catriona Bisset800mQualified161:58.42World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Tess Kirsopp-Cole*800mOceania Champ28 (+9)
Tess Kirsopp-Cole800mQuota38 (-1)1186 (+31)1151 (48th)
Bendere Oboya800mQuota43 (+10)1163 (+37)1151 (48th)
Claudia Hollingsworth800mQuota+44+ (+11)1159 (+35)1151 (48th)World Juniors
Ellie Sanford800mQuota+46+ (-4)1153 (+13)1151 (48th)
Imogen Barrett800mQuota+47 (-6)1151 (+10)1151 (48th)
Carley Thomas800mOutside quota>7111021151 (48th)
Jessica Hull1500mQualified8 (-1)3:58.81
Linden Hall1500mQualified10 (-1)3:59.01
Georgia Griffith1500mQualified16 (+21)4:00.16
Abbey Caldwell1500mQualified36+4:04.18
Claudia Hollingsworth*1500mOceania Champ37+1164 (45th)
Claudia Hollingsworth1500mOutside quota46+ (+9)1162 (+38)
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron1500mOutside quota52+ (+4)1141 (+35)1164 (45th)
Jessica Hull5000mQualified3315:06.13World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Natalie Rule5000mQualified35 (-1)15:06.50
Rose Davies5000mQualified37 (-1)15:07.49
Paige Campbell*5000mOceania Champ38+
Isobel Batt-Doyle5000mQuota+38+ (-1)11751139 (42nd)
Lauren Ryan5000mOutside quota43+ (-4)11371139 (42nd)
Paige Campbell5000mOutside quota45+ (+8)1127 (+28)1139 (42nd)
Caitlin Adams5000mOutside quota45+ (+5)1127 (+22)1139 (42nd)
Jenny Blundell5000mOutside quota46+ (-3)11231139 (42nd)
Rose Davies10000mQualified28 (-2)31:18.54
Isobel Batt-Doyle10000mOutside quota35 (-2)1181Entry standard (27th)
Liz Clay100m HQualified1512.71World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Celeste Mucci*100m HOceania Champ25
Celeste Mucci100m HQuota30 (-3)1239 (+27)1190 (40th)
Michelle Jenneke100m HQuota31 (+10)1217 (+48)1190 (40th)
Abbie Taddeo100m HQuota+39+ (+3)1190 (+22)1190 (40th)
Hannah Jones100m HOutside quota47+ (-7)11711190 (40th)
Sarah Carli*400m HOceania Champ28
Sarah Carli400m HQuota29 (+8)1209 (+51)1163 (40th)
Isabella Guthrie400m HOutside quota551125 (+18)1163 (40th)World Juniors
Brodee Mate400m HOutside quota631115 (new)1163 (40th)
Genevieve Gregson (maternity)3000m StQualified17 (-1)9:17.81
Amy Cashin3000m StQualified27 (+3)9:27.91
Brielle Erbacher*3000m StOceania Champ31
Brielle Erbacher3000m StQuota31 (+2)1217 (+28)1166 (45th)
Cara Feain-Ryan3000m StQuota+31+ (+5)1196 (+27)1166 (45th)
Georgia Winkcup3000m StQuota+41+ (-3)1170 (+4)1166 (45th)
Stella Radford3000m StOutside quota46+ (new)11621166 (45th)
Rosie Donegan3000m StOutside quota62+ (-4)11051166 (45th)
Nicola Olyslagers (nee McDermott)High JumpQualified22.02mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Eleanor PattersonHigh JumpQualified32.00mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Erin Shaw*High JumpOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Erin ShawHigh JumpOutside quota54 (new)10831137 (32nd)
Nina KennedyPole VaultQualified104.70mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Elizaveta ParnovaPole VaultOutside quota41 (-4)10941132 (32nd)
Jamie ScroopPole VaultOutside quota51 (+2)10431132 (32nd)
Brooke Buschkuehl (nee Stratton)Long JumpQualified13 (-1)6.83m
Samantha DaleLong JumpQuota30 (+2)1179 (+22)1172 (32nd)
Tomysha Clark*Long JumpOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Tomysha ClarkLong JumpOutside quota56 (new)11271172 (32nd)
Desleigh OwusuTriple JumpOutside quota49 (+13)1101 (+32)1157 (32nd)
Kayla Cuba*Triple JumpOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Kayla CubaTriple JumpNo rankingInsuffient comps (3)1157 (32nd)
Shot Put1083 (32nd)
Taryn Gollshewsky*DiscusOceania Champ (Rejected)
Taryn GollshewskyDiscusOutside quota38 (+18)1061 (+59)1077 (32nd)
Alexandra HulleyHammerQuota31 (-1)1133 (+27)1122 (32nd)
Kelsey-Lee BarberJavelinWild Card1World ChampionWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Mackenzie Little*JavelinOceania Champ9
Mackenzie LittleJavelinQuota13 (+1)1255 (+37)1111 (32nd)
Alexandra RobertsJavelinOutside quota42 (+6)1040 (+38)1111 (32nd)
Mackenzie MielczarekJavelinOutside quota56 (-1)996 (+11)1111 (32nd)World Juniors
Kathryn MitchellJavelinNo RankingInsufficient comps (4)1111 (32nd)
Eloise WellingsMarathonQualified242:25:10
Jessica StensonMarathonQualified252:25:15
Milly ClarkMarathonQualified422:26:59
Sinead DiverMarathonQualified47+2:27:16Commonwealth Games
Sarah KleinMarathonQuota+90+ (+3)11181104 (100th)
Ellie Pashley (maternity)MarathonOutside quota104+ (+1)10991104 (100th)
Marnie PontonMarathonOutside quota111+ (new)10821104 (100th)
Jemima Montag20km WalkQualified51:27:27World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Katie Hayward20km WalkQualified341:30:41
Rebecca Henderson20km WalkQuota39 (-1)11751070 (60th)
Clara Smith20km WalkOutside quota76+ (-1)10301070 (60th)
Kelly Ruddick*35km WalkOceania Champion29
Kelly Ruddick35km WalkQuota311115923 (60th)
Taneille Crase*HeptathlonOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Taneille CraseHeptathlonOutside quota37 (+18)1132 (+44)1188 (24th)
Women4x100mOutside Top List1843.1142.97 (16th)
Women4x400mOutside Top List193:30.613:30.02 (16th)

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Men’s Qualifying

NameEventStatusRankingScoreCurrent quotaSelected
Rohan Browning100mQualified22 (-3)10.01
Jake Doran*100mOceania Champ35
Jake Doran100mQuota39 (+8)1234 (+55)1196 (48th)
Joshua Azzopardi100mOutside quota61 (new)11751196 (48th)
Aidan Murphy*200mOceania Champ28World Juniors
Aidan Murphy200mQuota341208 (+22)1159 (56th)World Juniors
Calab Law200mQuota48 (+1)1170 (+18)1159 (56th)World Juniors
Jake Doran200mQuota56 (+2)1159 (+21)1159 (56th)
Alex Beck*400mOceania Champ24
Alex Beck400mQuota371190 (+16)1171 (48th)
Steve Solomon400mOutside quota49 (new)11691171 (48th)
Peter Bol800mQualified13 (-2)1:44.11World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Joseph Deng800mQualified28 (new)1:44.69
Charlie Hunter800mOutside quota571167 (+14)1210 (48th)
Stewart McSweyn1500mQualified53:29.51
Oli Hoare1500mQualified17 (-1)3:32.66
Jye Edwards1500mQualified21 (-1)3:33.23
Matthew Ramsden1500mQualified29+3:34.08
Callum Davies1500mOutside quota61+ (-3)1141 (+12)1197 (45th)
Oli Hoare5000mQualified28 (-4)13:09.96World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Sam McEntee*5000mOceania Champ39
Matthew Ramsden5000mQuota41 (-4)12391192 (42nd)
Ky Robinson5000mOutside quota44+ (-4)1172 (+3)1192 (42nd)
Sam McEntee5000mOutside quota47+1161 (+24)1192 (42nd)
Jack Rayner10000mQualified1527:15.75World Championships
Tim Vincent*10000mOceania Champ31
Brett Robinson10000mOutside quota36 (-4)1187Qualifying Standard (27th)
Patrick Tiernan10000mNo RankingQualifying Standard (27th)
Nick Hough*110m HOceania Champ24
Nick Hough110m HQuota28 (+3)12551206 (40th)
Chris Douglas110m HQuota37 (-7)12251206 (40th)
Nicholas Andrews110m HOutside quota44 (+3)1198 (+28)1206 (40th)
Sam Hurwood110m HOutside quota54+ (new)11541206 (40th)
Connor Fry*400m HOceania Champ28
Ed Trippas3000m StQualified31 (-2)8:19.60
Ben Buckingham3000m StQualified33 (-2)8:19.79
Max Stevens3000m StOutside quota48 (-3)1150 (+11)1162 (45th)
Matthew Clarke3000m StOutside quota51+ (-7)11401162 (45th)
Liam Cashin*3000m StOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Brandon StarcHigh JumpQualified42.35m
Joel BadenHigh JumpQuota24 (-3)1181 (+4)1160 (32nd)
Yual ReathHigh JumpQuota26 (+6)1178 (+28)1160 (32nd)
Kurtis MarschallPole VaultQualified14 (-1)5.82mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Angus ArmstrongPole VaultOutside quota50 (+1)1131 (+13)1177 (32nd)
Dalton Di MedioPole VaultOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Christopher Mitrevski*Long JumpOceania Champ16
Christopher MitrevskiLong JumpQuota22 (-1)1245 (+25)1182 (32nd)
Henry FrayneLong JumpQuota29 (+1)1200 (+18)1182 (32nd)
Julian Konle*Triple JumpOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Ayo OreTriple JumpOutside quota37 (+3)1152 (+26)1172 (32nd)
Julian KonleTriple JumpOutside quota40 (+3)1148 (+39)1172 (32nd)
Shemiah JamesTriple JumpOutside quota55 (+4)1096 (+28)1172 (32nd)
Damien Birkinhead*Shot PutOceania Champ241170 (32nd)
Damien BirkinheadShot PutOutside quota54 (new)11101170 (32nd)
Matt DennyDiscusQualified967.02mWorld Championships, Commonwealth Games
Ned Weatherly*HammerOceania Champ (Rejected)n/a
Ned WeatherlyHammerOutside quota47 (+5)1099 (+36)1129 (32nd)
Cruz Hogan*JavelinOceania Champ14
Cameron McEntyreJavelinQuota211170 (+23)1134 (32nd)
Cruz HoganJavelinOutside quota30 (+11)1136 (+40)1134 (32nd)
Hamish PeacockJavelinOutside quota57 (new)1059 (+21)1134 (32nd)
Liam AdamsMarathonOutside quota1127 (100th)Commonwealth Games
Jack RaynerMarathonOutside quota1127 (100th)Commonwealth Games
Declan Tingay20km WalkQualified351:20:44World Championships
Rhydian Cowley20km WalkQuota45 (-1)12141104 (60th)
Kyle Swan20km WalkQuota46 (-1)12041104 (60th)Commonwealth Games
Will Thompson20km WalkOutside quota63+ (-2)10891104 (60th)
Carl Gibbons20km WalkOutside quota64+ (-2)10801104 (60th)
Tyler Jones20km WalkOutside quota71+ (-1)10541104 (60th)
Tim Fraser20km WalkOutside quota76+ (-3)10421104 (60th)
Mitchell Baker20km WalkOutside quota75+ (-5)10271104 (60th)
Rhydian Cowley35km WalkQuota4011821090 (60th)
Carl Gibbons35km WalkQuota5910971090 (60th)
Ash MoloneyDecathlonQualified78649World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Cedric DublerDecathlonQualified158393World Championships, Commonwealth Games
Daniel GolubovicDecathlonOutside quota26 (-2)12141222 (24th)
Alec DiamondDecathlonOutside quota38+ (-2)1164 (+2)1222 (24th)
Men4x100mOutside Top List2338.9838.51 (16th)
Men4x400mOutside Top List>553:11 something3:01.96 (16th)
Mixed4x400mOutside Top List223:17.003:13.60 (16th)

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