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Interested in having your photography featured on Inside Athletics? Here’s a few ways I can help!

This isn’t what I’m offering – but how cool would that be!

Here’s some ideas about how I can help you with your photography:

Featuring your photos in event recap blog posts

Capture a great photo? Does it tell a story of a great performance? Or a personal triumph? There’s so many great stories to tell in our sport and I’m happy to publish as many of them as possible in the blog section of the website.

Providing a home for you to host your photos

One thing I’ve really enjoyed doing is looking back at photos I’ve taken over the last 15 years and re-sharing them at appropriate times. Similarly, there’s lots of athletes and fans who like to look back at times gone by. Social media is great for sharing, but not so useful for showing photos off in their full glory, nor finding them easily a few years later.

I’ve invested in an Advanced hosting plan with Zenfolio, which allows me to have up to 30 individual user accounts. I’m happy for you to have one for free – saving you a few hundred dollars a year in hosting. The pics would appear at and you can fully customise the titles, captions, credits, all while maintaining your copyright over the photos.

Amplifying the reach of your photos on social media

We don’t have a huge following, but it is a decent size, diverse and spread across the nation. About 5,000 people on Facebook, 4,000 on Twitter and 2,500 on Instagram. With any of the above ways of contributing I’ll be sure to use these channels to maximise the reach of your photos. Alternatively, if there’s a photo every now and then that you’ve taken that I can add value to through re-sharing, just let me know.

Commissioning photography for high profile meets

I fund Inside Athletics – taking photos, writing blogs and the Athletics Track Directory – by selling replacement spikes, socks and laces via my online shop.

For something quite niche I’ve been surprised by the amount of orders I now receive, which leaves some money left over to help cover the costs of others creating great content.

I started off with funding the Photo Competition last year and will be making that an annual competition. I also anticipate this season I’ll be able to pay a few hobby level photographers to ensure some of the higher profile meets of the year are covered.

Presently, I have in mind all of the Athletics Australia series meets, the State Championships in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, and the Australian Championships.

If any of the above interests you, please contact me so that we can start a conversation!

Regards, Tim