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75 athletes named in Australian team for Paris Olympics

34 athletes will make their Olympic debut next month.

34 athletes will make their Olympic debut next month.

It is the largest Australian athletics team since the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

The team is headlined by a number of medal chances including world champion pole vaulter Nina Kennedy, world championship medallists Mackenzie Little, Jemima Montag, Kurtis Marschall and Nicola Olyslagers, and Australian record holder Jessica Hull, who overnight shattered her own Australian 1500m record to become the fifth fastest ever all-time with a run of 3:50.83.

Athletics Australia’s selectors were required to make tough choices in six events where there were more athletes qualified than could be selected:

  • Women’s 800m: Catriona Bisset won the final place over Bendere Oboya.
  • Women’s 1500m: Georgia Griffith and Linden hall won the final two places, with Sarah Billings and Abbey Caldwell (already selected in 800m) missing out.
  • Men’s 1500m: Adam Spencer, Olli Hoare and Stewart McSweyn picked, with Cameron Myers missing out.
  • Women’s 5000m: Rose Davies, Izzi Batt-Doyle and Lauren Ryan selected, with Jenny Blundell, Holly Campbell and Maudie Skyring missing selection.
  • Men’s High Jump: Yual Reath, Joel Baden and Brandon Starc selected, with Roman Anastasios missing out.
  • Men’s 20km Walk: Declan Tingay gaining selection over Tim Fraser.

The full Australian team is:

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  • 100m: Rohan Browning
  • 200m: Calab Law
  • 400m: Reece Holder
  • 800m: Peter Bol, Peyton Craig, Joseph Deng
  • 1500m: Adam Spencer, Olli Hoare, Stewart McSweyn
  • 5000m: Morgan McDonald, Stewart McSweyn
  • 110m H: Tayleb Willis
  • 3000m St: Matthew Clarke, Ben Buckingham
  • Marathon: Brett Robinson, Patrick Tiernan, Liam Adams
  • Long Jump: Christopher Mitrevski, Liam Adcock
  • Triple Jump: Connor Murphy
  • High Jump: Yual Reath, Joel Baden, Brandon Starc
  • Pole Vault: Kurtis Marschall
  • Discus: Matt Denny
  • Javelin: Cameron McEntyre
  • Decathlon: Ashley Moloney, Daniel Golubovic
  • 4x100m: Rohan Browning, Sebastian Sultana, Jacob Despard, Joshua Azzopardi, Calab Law, Lachlan Kennedy
  • 20km Walk: Kyle Swan, Rhydian Cowley, Declan Tingay
  • Mixed Marathon Relay: Kyle Swan, Rhydian Cowley, Declan Tingay, Will Thompson (travelling reserve)


  • 100m: Ella Connolly, Bree Masters
  • 200m: Torrie Lewis, Mia Gross
  • 400m: Ellie Beer
  • 800m: Claudia Hollingsworth, Abbey Caldwell, Catriona Bisset
  • 1500m: Jessica Hull, Georgia Griffith, Linden Hall
  • 5000m: Rose Davies, Isobel Batt-Doyle, Lauren Ryan
  • 10000m: Lauren Ryan
  • 100m H: Michelle Jenneke, Liz Clay, Celeste Mucci
  • 400m H: Sarah Carli, Alanah Yukich
  • 3000m St: Amy Cashin, Cara Feain-Ryan
  • Marathon: Sinead Diver, Genevieve Gregson, Jessica Stenson
  • Long Jump: Brooke Buschkuehl
  • High Jump: Nicola Olyslagers, Eleanor Patterson
  • Pole Vault: Nina Kennedy
  • Discus: Taryn Gollshewsky
  • Javelin: Mackenzie Little, Kathryn Mitchell, Kelsey-Lee Barber
  • Hammer: Stephanie Ratcliffe
  • Heptathlon: Camryn Newton-Smith, Tori West
  • 4x100m: Ella Connolly, Bree Masters, Torrie Lewis, Ebony Lane, Kristie Edwards, Aleksandra Stoilova
  • 20km Walk: Jemima Montag, Rebecca Henderson, Olivia Sandery
  • Mixed Marathon Relay: Jemima Montag, Rebecca Henderson, Olivia Sandery, Allanah Pitcher (travelling reserve)