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Target Tokyo – Australia set to have Olympic athletics team of over 60 athletes

After over 900 days the Olympic qualifying period has ended, with World Athletics publishing the final list of athletes eligible for selection

Updated 2 July 2021
Cover image by Casey Sims/Athletics Australia

After over 900 days the Olympic qualifying period has ended, with World Athletics publishing the final list of athletes eligible for selection. All that is left to be done is for Athletics Australia to formally select athletes, and in a few cases, exercise discretion on which eligible athletes have the distinction of being an Olympian in Tokyo, or not.

If Athletics Australia’s selectors pick all eligible athletes there will be 59 athletes wearing the green and gold in individual events, along with another 3-4 relay runners to be added for the women’s 4x400m squad. The team for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio was 60 athletes, including relay runners.

For the second successive Games, Australia did not qualify a men’s relay team (4x100m or 4x400m), while the women’s 4x100m also narrowly missed qualifying, making it a five Games drought since Australia fielded a team. Australia did not qualify a team in the new mixed 4x400m relay.

At the close of qualifying, Athletics Australia’s selectors are left with decisions to make on which eligible athletes to pick in the following events:

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  • Men’s 1500m: Olli Hoare or Matthew Ramsden (to join the already selected Jye Edwards and Stewart McSweyn).
  • Women’s 1500m: Two of Jessica Hull, Georgia Griffith and Abbey Caldwell (to join the already selected Linden Hall). Hull will presumably be chosen, having withdrawn from the 5000m that she had already been selected for.
  • Women’s 3000m Steeplechase: Two of Amy Cashin, Paige Campbell and Georgia Winkcup (to join the already selected Genevieve Gregson).
  • Women’s 5000m: Three of Isobel Batt-Doyle, Rose Davies, Jenny Blundell and Melissa Duncan.
  • Women’s 20km Walk: Two of Katie Hayward, Rebecca Henderson and Claire Woods (to join already selected Jemima Montag)

Before we delve into the presumptive Olympic team and which athletes have missed out, a quick recap of the qualifying process. Firstly, each event has a quota for the number of entries and there were two pathways to be eligible for selection for Australian athletes. To be eligible, athletes needed to either:

  • Reach the Olympic qualifying standard; or
  • Be ranked within remaining spots (if any) for the quota for their event after universality places for countries with no qualified athletes were added. These remaining spots were based on the World Athletics Rankings. These rankings take into account a number of performances from athletes, assigning points for the overall quality of performance, as well as the placing achieved in competitions, weighted by how important the competitions are. Our article from November last year breaks the World Rankings down in more detail.

World Athletics advised that of the 1900 international athletes set to compete in Tokyo, that around 70% qualified by reaching the qualifying standard, and around 30% from World Ranking places. For Australia’s team, the split will be very similar.

A maximum three athletes per country per event can be selected. The qualifying period ended 29 June and national federations now have until 5 July to enter athletes. It is expected that Athletics Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee will jointly announce the final Australian athletes to be selected this weekend.

What are the big movements in the past week?

There are so many, especially with the big point scoring opportunities that many international athletes had with their national championships.

The positives for Australian athletes:

  • The heroic last minute 3000m steeplechase qualifying mark for Ed Trippas in Spain. His 8:19.60 run moved him to 3rd on the Australian all-time list.
  • Jenny Blundell narrowly missing the 5000m qualifying mark with a 15:10.27 solo run at The Crest. With qualified athletes being withdrawn by their national federations, a quota spot opened up for Blundell based on her World Athletics Ranking, with her run at The Crest contributing to her ranking.

And the heartbreak for some that were within the quota for their event, but have dropped out, or who narrowly missed qualifying:

  • Matthew Clarke ran a superb 8:22.13 PB in the 3000m Steeplechase to narrowly miss the qualifying standard by 0.13 seconds. Ironically, were it not for Ed Trippas’ last minute qualifier, Clarke would have made the quota for the event based on his World Ranking, but unfortunately misses out by a single place.
  • 100m hurdlers Brianna Beahan and Hannah Jones variously being in, and out of, and back in, but ultimately both missing out of a quota position during the final week of qualifying.
  • Lauren Boden being overtaken in the final week of qualifying by international athletes and dropping out of a quota place in the 400m hurdles.

What happens now?

World Athletics outlines the process on their website in detail, but we are really at the pointy end now.

To be succinct, the only thing that happens now is national federations pick which athletes will represent them from the final list of eligible athletes.

There is no further ‘roll down’ if a place is not accepted. The period for not accepting quota positions ended on 29 June and per the World Athletics qualification process ‘Quota places declined after the above deadlines [29 June, or 31 May for marathon & 50km walk] will NOT be reallocated.

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So, to the final update of our table tracking athletes that are now are either:

  • Selected: Already Named by Athletics Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee in a specific event.
  • Qualified: Have met the qualifying standard for an event, but have not yet been selected. Can be selected by Athletics Australia.
  • In quota: Not qualified but within the final quota for the field size. Can be selected by Athletics Australia.
  • Outside quota: Not eligible for selection for the Olympic Games.
  • Withdrawn: Athletics Australia advised World Athletics that it would not accept a position in the field for these athletes (as a result of the athletes not wanting to contest those events).

We’ve added some green colour coding for athletes where Athletics Australia just needs to rubber stamp selection, and orange for the discretionary selections required that we detailed earlier.

Tip: If you’re trying to read the table below on a phone, use your web browser and turn your screen to landscape.
Change in scores/ranking/quota cutoff is since last week.

100mRohan BrowningSelected10.0538th 56 places
100mHana BasicIn quota120244th +2 1174 -2 (56th)
200mRiley DaySelected22.77=29th +2 56 places
400mSteven SolomonIn quota120141st +21184 -5 (48th)
400mAlex Beck In quota118647th +41184 -5 (48th)
400mBendere OboyaSelected51.2126th +5 48 places
110m HNicholas HoughIn quota124138th -5 1233 +18 (40th)
110m HNicholas AndrewsOutside quota120351st -71215 +18 (40th)
100m HLiz ClaySelected12.72=15th 40 places
100m HSally Pearson (retired)Withdrawn12.70Withdrawn 40 places
100m HHannah JonesOutside quota1208 +342nd +11209 -1 (40th)
100m HBrianna BeahanOutside quota120543rd -11209 -1 (40th)
400m HChris DouglasOutside quota119344th -1 1207 +8 (40th)
400m HSarah CarliQualified55.0923rd 40 places
400m HLauren BodenOutside quota118242nd -3 1189 +7 (40th)
400m HSara KleinOutside quota117745th -3 1189 +7 (40th)
800mCharlie HunterQualified1:44.3519th -248 places
800mPeter BolQualified1:44.6224th -1 48 places
800mJeff RiseleyQualified1:44.8529th -248 places
800mCatriona BissetSelected1:58.0911th -1 48 places
800mLinden HallWithdrawn1:59.22Withdrawn 48 places
800mMorgan MitchellIn quota118942nd +1 1180 +3 (48th)
1500mStewart McSweynSelected3:31.8113th 45 places
1500mJye EdwardsSelected3:33.9928th +2 45 places
1500mOliver HoareQualified3:32.3518th 45 places
1500mMatthew RamsdenQualified3:34.9738th+ +245 places
1500mLinden HallSelected3:59.6713th +2 45 places
1500mJessica HullQualified4:01.8018th +145 places
1500mGeorgia GriffithIn quota120035th +11159 -10 (45th)
1500mAbbey CaldwellIn quota1174 +843rd+ +41159 -10 (45th)
3000m StEd TrippasQualified8:19.6029th +2845 places
3000m StBen BuckinghamIn quota121142nd -6 1197 +23 (45th)
3000m StMatthew ClarkeOutside quota1178 +1246th +71197 +23 (45th)
3000m StJames NipperessOutside quota1176 49th+ -3 1197 +23 (45th)
3000m StGenevieve GregsonSelected9:23.8417th +145 places
3000m StAmy CashinQualified9:28.6026th -145 places
3000m StPaige CampbellIn quota120934th 1190 +11 (45th)
3000m StGeorgia WinkcupIn quota1199 40th+ -3 1190 +11 (45th)
3000m StCara Feain-RyanOutside quota1188 48th+ -41190 +11 (45th)
5000mStewart McSweynWithdrawn13:05.63Withdrawn 42 places
5000mPatrick TiernanQualified13:12.6826th 42 places
5000mDavid McNeillQualified13:12.8227th 42 places
5000mMorgan McDonaldIn quota1251 31st+ 1159 +9 (42nd)
5000mMatthew RamsdenOutside quota1158 +5 44th+ -31159 +9 (42nd)
5000mJessica HullWithdrawn14:57.00Withdrawn 42 places
5000mIsobel Batt-DoyleQualified15:04.1028th +6 42 places
5000mRose DaviesQualified15:08.4835th +942 places
5000mJenny BlundellIn quota116940th ++1143 (42nd)
5000mMelissa DuncanIn quota116442nd+1143 (42nd)
10000mStewart McSweynWithdrawn27:23.80Withdrawn 28 qualifiers/places
10000mPatrick TiernanQualified27:22.5520th 28 qualifiers/places
10000mEllie PashleyWithdrawn31:18.89Withdrawn30 qualifiers/places
High JumpBrandon StarcQualified2.36m=8th32 places
High JumpNicola McDermottSelected2.00m=5th +132 places
High JumpEleanor PattersonQualified1.99m=8th +232 places
Pole VaultKurtis MarschallSelected5.80m=14th +1 32 places
Pole VaultNina KennedySelected4.82m=7th 32 places
Pole VaultElizaveta ParnovaIn quota1193 24th +3 1150 +2 (32nd)
Long JumpHenry FrayneIn quota122732nd -21227 +8 (32nd)
Long JumpDarcy RoperOutside quota120837th -21227 +8 (32nd)
Long JumpChris MitrevskiOutside quota120640th -4 1227 +8 (32nd)
Long JumpBrooke StrattonSelected6.84m=18th +2 32 places
DiscusMatt DennyQualified66.15m28th -2 32 places
DiscusDani SamuelsSelected65.93m11th 32 places
DiscusTaryn GollshewskyOutside quota1116 36th -2 1135 +16 (32nd)
HammerAlexandra HulleyOutside quota1129 38th -1 1155 +14 (32nd)
JavelinKelsey Lee-BarberSelected67.70m4th 32 places
JavelinKathryn MitchellIn quota116624th +11130 -4 (32nd)
JavelinMackenzie LittleIn quota1145 30th -1 1130 -4 (32nd)
DecathlonAshley MoloneySelected8492p8th 24 places
DecathlonCedric DublerSelected8367p16th 24 places
4x100mMenOutside quota38.8321st 38.47 (16th)
4x100mWomenOutside quota43.1117th43.04 (16th)
4x400mMenOutside quota3:03.5325th 3:02.42 (16th)
4x400mWomenIn quota3:28.6414th 3:29.40 (16th)
4x400mMixedOutside quota3:17.0025th 3:14.09 (16th)
20km WDane Bird-SmithSelected1:20:5240th +1 60 places
20km WRhydian CowleyWithdrawn1:20:19Withdrawn60 places
20km WKyle SwanIn quota1147 51st +1 1112 -20 (60th)
20km WDeclan TingayIn quota1141 55th +21112 -20 (60th)
20km WJemima MontagSelected1:28:5017th 60 places
20km WKatie HaywardQualified1:29:2523rd 60 places
20km WRebecca HendersonIn quota113748th1097 +4 (60th)
20km WClaire WoodsIn quota1106 57th+ -1 1097 +4 (60th)
50km WRhydian CowleySelected119939th 1128 (60th)
MarathonLiam AdamsSelected2:10:4891st
MarathonBrett RobinsonSelected2:10:5595th
MarathonJack RaynerSelected2:11:06103rd
MarathonSinead DiverSelected2:24:1121st
MarathonLisa WeightmanSelected2:26:0228th
MarathonEllie PashleySelected2:26:2134th
MarathonMilly ClarkQualified2:28:0863rd+

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