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Budapest World Championships Tracking

Check out the Australian team for the World Championships in Budapest.

Check out the Australian team for the World Championships in Budapest.

Cover image of Nicole Olyslagers (Steve Christo courtesy of Athletics Australia)

Countdown to 2023 World Championships

The qualifying period closed on 30 July, with the World Rankings released on 2 August being the final list for qualifying and Athletics Australia announcing their selections today.

Didn’t we just have a World Championships last year?

We are in the middle of an unprecedented period of five consecutive years of global championships, due to the COVID compressed calendar that delayed the Tokyo Olympics and pushed the Oregon World Championships in 2022. There won’t be a break on the global calendar until 2026, when the Commonwealth Games (if they go ahead, following the Victoria’s government’s cancellation of their March 2026 hosting) could take place.

Qualifying for Budapest was different to Tokyo or Oregon, with World Athletics updating its qualifying standards. The idea is that around half of the field in each event should qualify through these tougher qualifying standards, with the remaining athletes in each event being selected based on the World Athletics Rankings (quota positions).

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The World Athletics Rankings take an average of an athlete’s top performances (usually 5, but less for some less commonly contested events), which are evaluated based on the overall quality of performance (using a progressive points table system) and the finishing place, with placings in high standard competitions being more valuable.

Three athletes per country can be entered into each event (or four where an athlete from the country is eligible for a wildcard – such as the reigning World Champion or Diamond League Champion).

Australian athletes were very well served through the Australian domestic season. To borrow cricket terminology, the runs are already on the board. Generally the rankings of Australian athletes declined over the final two months of the qualifying period as other nation’s athletes built on their high ranking performance opportunities, including 28 national championships that took place on the final weekend.

And despite all of the above, there’s a number of athletes who finished outside of the quota positions who gained selection after other nation’s athletes within the quota declined selection. There’s some prominent examples of where this occurred, such as with the UK team, as well as individual circumstances where athletes are injured.

What will the Australian team look like?

67 athletes have been selected and the team has largely selected itself. The few examples where more athletes were qualified than positions available have ended up with:

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  • Women’s 1500m: Jessica Hull was already selected (having won the Australian Championships and having the qualifying standard at the time), while national record holder Linden Hall and Commonwealth Games bronze medallist Abbey Caldwell fill the remaining spots. Qualified Georgia Griffiths and quota qualified Sarah Billings and Isabella Thornton-Bott are the athletes to miss out from the event where Australia has enormous depth currently (as an aside the World Record in the 4x1500m is 16:33.58, which the season best of any four of the six easily betters).
  • Men’s Long Jump: The four quota positioned athletes have all been selected for entry, with Athletics Australia still to confirm who will appear on the entry lists. There’s not a lot separating Christopher Mitrevski, Darcy Roper, Liam Adock and Henry Frayne.

Three-time Olympian Henry Frayne is one of four athletes in contention for three places in Australia’s long jump team (Photo by Michael Thomas >> Photo Gallery)
NameSBPBWorld RankingNationalsInternational since 2021
Chris Mitrevski7.96/8.19w8.212249th Comm Games, World Champs,
Olympics, Oceania Champ
Darcy Roper8.058.20253Oceania Champs
Liam Adock8.15/8.18w8.15271
Henry Frayne7.92/7.99w8.3428*56th Comm Games, 12th World Champs,


NameEventStatusPerformance/ScoreRankCurrent cut-off
Bree Masters100mSELECTED / In quota1224 (-)33 (-3)1186 (48th) +10
Torrie Lewis100mSELECTED / In quota1210 (-)41 (-3)1186 (48th) +10
Ella Connolly100mOutside quota1193 (-)50 (-4)1186 (48th) +10
Naa Anang100mOutside quota*1187 (-)55* (-7)1186 (48th) +10
Ella Connolly200mSELECTED / In quota1213 (-)30 (-1)1178 (48th) +6
Torrie Lewis200mIn quota1195 (-)38 (-1)1178 (48th) +6
None400mOutside quota1176 (48th)
Catriona Bisset800mSELECTED / Qualified1:57.787 (-)
Abbey Caldwell800mSELECTED / Qualified1:58.4815 (-)
Ellie Sanford800mSELECTED / In quota1201 (-)47 (-2)1183 (56th) +3
Tess Kirsopp-Cole800mOutside quota1178 (-)62 (-5)1183 (56th) +3
Linden Hall1500mSELECTED / Qualified3:57.277 (-)
Jessica Hull1500mSELECTED / Qualified3:57.298 (-)
Georgia Griffith1500mQualified4:00.9617 (-)
Abbey Caldwell1500mSELECTED / Qualified*4:01.1518* (-)
Sarah Billings1500mIn quota*1179 (-)50* (-3)1155 (56th) +6
Isabella Thornton-Bott1500mIn quota*1171 (-)50* (-2)1155 (56th) +6
Jaylah Hancock-Cameron1500mOutside quota1152 (-)61* (-7)1155 (56th) +6
Jessica Hull5000mSELECTED / Qualified14:44.2415 (-)
Rose Davies5000mSELECTED / In quota1213 (-)27 (-)1158 (42nd) +7
Lauren Ryan5000mSELECTED / In quota1184 (+12)29 (+6)1158 (42nd) +7
None10000mOutside quota1245 (28th)
Michelle Jenneke100m HSELECTED / Qualified12.6814 (-)
Celeste Mucci100m HSELECTED / In quota1271 (-)24 (-)1204 (40th) +19
Hannah Jones100m HSELECTED / In quota1219 (-)35 (-1)1204 (40th) +19
Sarah Carli400m HSELECTED / Qualified54.6623 (-)1178 (40th)
Amy Cashin3000m StSELECTED / In quota1228 (-)29 (-2)1204 (36th) +11
Cara Feain-Ryan3000m StSELECTED / In quota1218 (-)31 (-1)1204 (36th) +11
Brielle Erbacher3000m StSELECTED / In quota1204 (-)36 (-2)1204 (36th) +11
Eleanor PattersonHigh JumpSELECTED / Wild CardWorld Champion1
Nicole OlyslagersHigh JumpSELECTED / Selected2.02m3 (-)
Erin ShawHigh JumpSELECTED / In quota1168 (-)28 (-2)1152 (36th) +2
Nina KennedyPole VaultSELECTED / Wild CardDiamond League Champion21148 (40th)
Brooke BuschkuehlLong JumpSELECTED /QUalified6.95m13 (-1)
Samantha DaleLong JumpSELECTED / In quota1204 (+1)26 (-1)1189 (36th) +13
NoneTriple Jump1154 (36th)
NoneShot Put1085 (36th)
Taryn GollshewskyDiscusSELECTED / In quota1139 (-)23 (-)1081 (36th) +2
Stephanie RatcliffeHammerSELECTED / Qualified73.63m11 (-)
Alexandra HulleyHammerIn quota1137 (-)31 (-2)1125 (36th) +7
Kelsey Lee-BarberJavelinSELECTED / Wild CardWorld Champion1
Mackenzie LittleJavelinSELECTED / Qualified65.70m6 (-)
Kathryn MitchellJavelinSELECTED / In quota113427 (-2)1115 (+15)
Lisa WeightmanMarathonSELECTED / Qualified2:23:1521
Isobel Batt-DoyleMarathonSELECTED / Qualified2:27:5451
Sarah KleinMarathonSELECTED / In quota1150581112 (100th)
Jemima Montag20km WalkSELECTED / Qualified1:27:277 (-)
Rebecca Henderson20km WalkSELECTED / Qualified1:28:4313 (-)
Olivia Sandery20km WalkSELECTED / Qualified1:28:5215 (-)
Rebecca Henderson35km WalkSELECTED / Qualified2:47:5414 (-)
Allanah Pitcher35km WalkSELECTED / Qualified2:50:2322 (-)
Taneille CraseHeptathlonOutside quota^1150 (-)32 (-1)1176 (24th) +16
Women (Masters, Connolly, Lewis, Mucci, Kristie Edwards, Ebony Lane)4x100mIn Top List
43.1612 (-)43.35 (16th)
Women4x400mOutside Top List3:27.84


NameEventStatusPerformance/ScoreRankCurrent cut-off
Rohan Browning100mSELECTED / In quota1275 (-)29 (-4)1210 (48th) +5
Jake Doran100mSELECTED / Outside quota1204 (-)53 (-3)1210 (48th) +5
Aidan Murphy200mSELECTED / In quotaOceania Champ / 1188 (-)48 (-3)1197 (48th) +9
Joseph Deng800mSELECTED / Qualified1:43.9913 (-)
Peter Bol800mSELECTED / Qualified1:44.2917 (-)
Riley McGown800mSELECTED / Outside quota1178 (-)57 (-5)1178 (56th) +1
Charlie Hunter800mOutside quota1175 (+1)63 (+3)1178 (56th) +1
Oliver Hoare1500mQualified, injured3:29.419 (-)
Stewart McSweyn1500mSELECTED / Qualified3:30.1813 (-)
Adam Spencer1500mSELECTED / Qualified3:31.8121 (-)
Cameron Myers1500mQualified*, withdrew3:33.2634* (-)
Matthew Ramsden1500mSELECTED / Inside quota*1192 (+6)55* (+9)1192 (56th) +0
Stewart McSweyn5000mSELECTED / Qualified12:56.2019 (-)
Morgan McDonald5000mSELECTED / In quota1199 (-)41 (-1)1199 (42nd) +5
Ky Robinson5000mOutside quota1179 (-)47 (-1)1199 (42nd) +5
Jacob McCorry110m HSELECTED / In quota1196 (-)40 (-)1196 (40th) +0
Nick Andrews110m HSELECTED / Outisde quota1193 (-)44 (-1)1196 (40th) +0
Conor Fry400m HOceania Champ / outside quota1204
Matthew Clarke3000m StSELECTED / Outside quota1189 (-)37 (-2)1191 (36th) +6
Ben Buckingham3000m StOutside quota1177 (-)42 (-2)1191 (36th) +6
Joel BadenHigh JumpSELECTED / Qualified2.33m6 (-)
Brandon StarcHigh JumpSELECTED / In quota1233 (-)16 (-1)1172 (36th) +14
Kurtis MarschallPole VaultSELECTED / Qualified5.95m5 (-)1189
Christopher MitrevskiLong JumpSELECTED / In quota1231 (-)22 (-2)1200 (36th) +6
Darcy RoperLong JumpSELECTED / In quota1223 (-)25 (-1)1200 (36th) +6
Liam AdcockLong JumpSELECTED / In quota1216 (-)27 (-3)1200 (36th) +6
Henry FrayneLong JumpSELECTED / In quota*1212 (-)28* (-3)1200 (36th) +6
Jalen RuckerLong JumpOutside quota1195 (-)39* (-4)1200 (36th) +6
Julian KonleTriple JumpSELECTED / In quota1187 (-)25 (-1)1160 (36th) +18
Aiden HinsonTriple JumpSELECTED / In quota1170 (-)30 (-1)1160 (36th) +18
Connor MurphyTriple JumpOutside quota1141 (-)45 (-6)1160 (36th) +18
NoneShot Put1173
Matthew DennyDiscusSELECTED / Qualified67.26m12 (-)1153
Cameron McEntyreJavelinSELECTED / In quota1194 (-)19 (-3)1143 (36th) +9
Brett RobinsonMarathonQualified, Not Entered2:07:31
Patrick TiernanMarathonSelected then withdrew114764
Andrew BuchananMarathonIn quota1138691076 (100th)
Liam AdamsMarathonIn quota*, Not Entered1121
Declan Tingay20km WalkSELECTED / Qualified1:18:467 (-)
Kyle Swan20km WalkSELECTED / Qualified1:19:2415 (-)
Rhydian Cowley20km WalkSELECTED / Qualified1:19:3019 (-)1125 (50th)
Will Thompson20km WalkIn quota*114749* (-)1125 (50th)
Rhydian Cowley35km WalkSELECTED / In quota2:27:3317
Carl Gibbons35km WalkOutside quota109258 (-)1107 (50th)
Cedric DublerDecathlonSELECTED / In quota1278 (-)16 (-)1216 (24th) +0
Ashley MoloneyDecathlonSELECTED / In quota1228 (-)21 (-)1216 (24th) +0
Daniel GolubovicDecathlonSELECTED / Outside quota1225 (-)26 (-1)1228 (24th) +3
Men4x100mOutside Top List38.5018 (-1)38.36 (16th)
None4x400mOutside Top List3:02.02
Mixed4x400mOutside Top List3:14.64