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Browning goes 10.05 – Results Wrap 28 March 2021

Rohan Browning has run an Olympic qualifying mark of 10.05 seconds to record the fastest time ever run by an Australian in Australia.

Rohan Browning
Rohan Browning

Rohan Browning has run an Olympic qualifying mark of 10.05 seconds to record the fastest time ever run by an Australian in Australia.

The performance came in great sprinting conditions at the Queensland Track Classic, aided by a 1.0 m/s tailwind. It bettered his 10.08 second personal best, and the track record, set by Joshua Ross in winning the 2007 Australian Championships.

Photo courtesy of Athletics Australia / Casey Sims

The women’s 800m was a classic race, resulting in only the third occasion that two Australian women have dipped under two minutes in the same race. National record holder Catriona Bisset held on for victory in 1:59.12, just ahead of Linden Hall (1:59.22). Hall’s performance moved her to fourth on the Australian all-time list, just one-hundredth-of-a-second behind Tamsyn Manou. In third, Claudia Hollingsworth approached the Australian U18 record with a 2:01.60 run.

1Catriona Bisset1:58.78 (2019)
2Charlene Rendina1:59.0 (1976)
3Tamsyn Manou1:59.21 (2000)
4Linden Hall1:59.22 (2021)
5Margaret Crowley1:59.73 (1996)
6Madeleine Pape1:59.92 (2008)
7Judy Pollock1:59.93 (1976)
8Morgan Mitchell2:00.06 (2019)
9Georgia Griffith2:00.13 (2018)
10Sharon Stewart2:00.19 (1991)
Australian all-time 800m list at 28 March 2021
Photo courtesy of Athletics Australia / Casey Sims

Breakthrough athlete of the season, Hana Basic, continued her progress in the women’s 100m. The Victorian shot to fourth on the Australian all-time list with a run of 11.18 seconds in the heats, before backing up with a 11.19 second run in the final. Only Mel Breen (11.11), Melinda Gainsford-Taylor (11.12) and Sally Pearson (11.14) sit ahead on the all-time rankings.

The 25-year-old is now within a whisker of the 11.15 Olympic qualifying mark and will also move into a quota-qualifying position on the basis of her run.

Ben Buckingham. Photo courtesy of Athletics Australia / Casey Sims.

The Queensland meet is known for great conditions for sprinters and jumpers, but not necessarily distance runners. That didn’t deter the athletes in the men’s 3000m steeplechase, with personal bests galore and a revision of marks in the top 10 on the Australian all-time list. Ben Buckingham‘s winning performance of 8:27.38 will virtually assure him a quota qualifying place for Tokyo selection (he will be top athlete in the World Rankings who doesn’t have a qualifying performance when World Athletics updates their rankings this week), while James Nipperess strengthened his claim with a 8:31.97 personal best, ahead of Matthew Clarke (8:32.71).

Photo courtesy of Athletics Australia / Casey Sims

Also clearing barriers well were Nicholas Hough (13.51) and Nicholas Andrews (13.59 PB). Hough is set to make his Olympic debut, while Andrews strengthened his claim for a quota position with a quality performance that consolidated his sixth place on the Australian all-time list.

Just missing the Olympic qualifying mark again this season was Peter Bol in the 800m, with a run of 1:45.58. From his 1:45 consistency amid little competition, one senses he is on the verge of a breakthrough performance later this season.

At the Melbourne Track Classic on Thursday night the highlight performance came from Chris Douglas, who moved himself into Olympic qualifying contention for a quota position with a new personal best of 49.70 seconds. Read our meet recap and photo blog here.

The Oceania and Australian 20km Walk Championships were held in Melbourne, with Jemima Montag setting a new personal best to take out the event. Her 1:28:50 moved her to second on the Australian all-time list, just over a minute behind Jane Saville’s national record. Katie Hayward recorded an Olympic qualifier in second, while Rhydian Cowley took out the men’s race in 1:22:28, despite being second across the line, with third placed Declan Tingay having a two-minute time penalty applied.

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ACT Summer Series No12

Woden Park
24 March 2021
Full results

400m H Lauren Boden 57.09

Melbourne Track Classic

Lakeside Stadium
25 March 2021
Full results

400m Bendere Oboya 53.01
1500m Genevieve Gregson 4:10.86, Lauren Ryan 4:12.18, Melissa Duncan 4:12.42, Abbey Caldwell 4:15.81
400m H Genevieve Cowie 58.80, Daniela Roman 59.93
Triple Jump Tiana Boras 12.95m (0.0), Tierra Exum 12.77m (-0.9)
Shot Emma Berg 14.45m
Discus Taryn Gollshewsky 56.21m, Jade Lally 55.67m, Kim Mulhall 50.76m
Hammer Alexandra Hulley 65.50m, Stephanie Radcliffe 60.35m
200m (0.2) Jordan Sarmento 21.29
400m Ross Hyne 47.16
1500m Jye Edwards 3:39.02, Adam Spencer, 3:39.94, Callum Davies 3:40.05, Jordan Williamsz 3:40.07, Ryan Gregson 3:40.32, Cameron Griffith 3:40.95, Andre Waring 3:41.83, Elliott McGraughan 3:41.89
400m H Chris Douglas 49.70, Angus Proudfoot 51.30, Fraser Symons 51.64, Conor Fry 51.67
Triple Jump Ayo Ore 15.90m (0.0), Julian Konle 15.84m (0.0), Shemiah James 15.53m (-1.2)
Shot Alexander Kolesnikoff 19.81m (#5 Australian all-time), Damien Birkinhead 18.95m, Aiden Harvey 18.32m
Discus Matt Denny 60.56m, Mitchell Cooper 55.59m, Nicholas Dyson 50.87m
Hammer Costa Kousparis 65.18m

Raleigh Relays

Raleigh, USA
25-27 March 2021
Full results

Javelin Alexandra Roberts 57.68m (#10 Australian all-time)
800m Finley McClear (USA) 1:47.43, Mick Stanovsek 1:48.16
1500m Sean Dolan (USA) 3:39.45, 4th Mick Stanovsek 3:40.95, 5th Zach Facioni 3:41.14

Oceania & Australian Race Walk Championships

27 March 2021
Full results

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20km Walk Jemima Montag 1:28:50 (Olympic qualifier, #2 Australian all-time), Katie Hayward 1:30:41 (Olympic qualifier), Rebecca Henderson 1:32:12
20km Walk Rhydian Cowley 1:22:28, Kyle Swan 1:24:08, Declan Tingay 1:24:27

Queensland Track Classic

Queensland Sport & Athletics Centre
27 March 2021
Full results

100m (0.3) Hana Basic 11.19 [heat: 11.18 w2.0 (#4 Australian all-time)], Ebony Lane 11.39 [heat: 11.35 w3.1], Taylah Cruttenden 11.49 [heat: 11.41 w3.1], Torrie Lewis 11.59 [heat: 11.55 w2.0], Naa Anang 11.59 [heat: 11.54 w3.1], Sophia Fighera 11.71 [heat: 11.62 w3.1], Kristie Edwards 11.73 [heat: 11.62 w3.1], Hilal Durmaz 11.83 [heat: 11.71 w2.0]. Heat: (2.0) Olivia Matzer 11.79
200m (0.8) Riley Day 23.22, Torrie Lewis 23.71, Monique Quirk 23.76
400m Bendere Oboya 52.26, Ellie Beer 52.64, Anneliese Rubie-Renshaw 53.54, Kendra Hubbard 35.96
800m Catriona Bisset 1:59.12, Linden Hall 1:59.22 (#4 Australian all-time), Claudia Hollingsworth 2:01.60, Georgia Griffith 2:02.56, Tess Kirsopp-Cole 2:03.00, Ellie Sanford 2:03.27
100m H (1.1) Liz Clay 12.98, Hannah Jones 13.07, Abbie Taddeo 13.13, Celeste Mucci 13.22, Brianna Beahan 13.22
3000m St Genevieve Gregson 9:54.62, Brielle Erbacher 9:56.24, Cara Feain-Ryan 10:01.67, Stella Radford 10:02.16, Paige Campbell 10:04.20
Long Jump Brooke Stratton 6.63m (1.9), Annie McGuire 6.45m (2.3) [6.37m +1.5], Samantha Dale 6.32m (1.0), Rellie Kaputin 6.23m (3.0)
High Jump Eleanor Patterson 1.87m, Rosie Tozer 1.80m, Alysha Burnett 1.80m
Pole Vault Nina Kennedy 4.75m (Olympic qualifier), Elizaveta Parnova 4.45m, Courtney Smallacombe 4.25m, Lauren Hyde-Cooling 4.00m
Discus Dani Stevens 62.22m, Jade Lally (GBR) 58.24m, Taryn Gollshewsky 58.08m
Javelin Tori Peeters (NZL) 59.25m, Mackenzie Little 59.13m, Kelsey-Lee Barber 57.74m, Jess Bell 54.62m, Mackenzie Mielczarek 52.16m, Liana Davidson 51.61m, Katrina Blackett 50.37m
100m (1.0) Rohan Browning 10.05 (Olympic qualifier, #3 Australian all-time, Track Record), 3rd Jack Hale 10.33 [heat: 10.29 w2.1], 4th Jacob Despard 10.40, 5th Simon Greig 10.41 [heat: 10.35 w2.1], 6th Joshua Azzopardi 10.44 [heat: 10.42 w2.1], 7th Zach Holdsworth 10.46 [heat: 10.39 w0.4], 8th Jake Doran 10.51 [heat 10.47 w2.1]. Heat: Christopher Ius 10.53 w0.4, Caleb Law 10.55 w0.4, Jin Su Jung 10.52 w2.1, Justin Cavanagh 10.56 w2.1, Ashley Wong 10.59 w2.1.
200m (1.0) Joshua Azzopardi 20.90, Connor Diffey 21.02, Alexander Hartmann 21.18, Caleb Law 21.18
400m Alex Beck 46.10, Ash Moloney 47.05, Ian Halpin 47.18, Tyler Gunn 47.21. Race 2: Joshua Atkinson 47.26
800m Peter Bol 1:45.58
110m H (0.8) Nicholas Hough 13.51, Nicholas Andrews 13.59 (#6 Australian all-time), Jacob McCorry 13.89, Cedric Dubler 14.17, Daniel Golubovic 14.39
3000m St Ben Buckingham 8:27.38 (#9 Australian all-time), James Nipperess 8:31.97 (#15 Australian all-time), Matthew Clarke 8:32.71 (#16 Australian all-time), Edward Trippas 8:36.58, Joe Burgess 8:49.74, Aiden Hobbs 8:50.43
Long Jump Chris Mitrevski 8.02m (1.7), Henry Frayne 7.85m (1.6), Zane Branco 7.84m (0.9), Cedric Dubler 7.78m (2.4) [7.59m +1.4], Jalen Rucker 7.73m (0.6), Alec Diamon 7.72m (2.0), Joshua Cowley 7.71m (1.6), Jeremy Andrews 7.63m (0.2)
High Jump Brandon Starc 2.29m, Joel Baden 2.23m, Oscar Miers 2.23m, Marco Massinotti (ITA) 2.20m, Simioluwa Thomsen-Ajayi 2.15m
Pole Vault Kurtis Marschall 5.70m, Angus Armstrong 5.25m, Jack Downey 5.10m
Discus Matt Denny 61.42m, Mitchell Cooper 55.72m, Declan Carman 51.25m, Daniel Golubovic 50.89m

Bankstown Invitational

The Crest Athletics Field
27 March 2021
Full results

100m (0.8) Jessica Laurance 11.90
5000m (mix) Leanne Pompeani 15:53.93
100m (1.5) Will Roberts 10.47

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