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La route de Paris – Australian athletics Olympic qualifying

Check out which Australians are on track to compete in the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in the French capital.

Check out which Australians are on track to compete in the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad in the French capital.

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How to qualify

For the first time in history there is parity in the number of events conducted for men and women, with the demise of the 50km Walk, which had been held for men on 20 occasions from 1932 – 1972 and then 1980 – 2021.

Similar to the 2023 World Championships in Budapest, the qualifying pathway is generally based on half of the field in each event qualifying by meeting an entry standard, with the remaining field selected based on World Athletics Rankings.

The entry standards are the toughest ever, but the most secure pathway to entry:

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Mile (for 1500m)3:50.404:20.90
110m H / 100m H13.2712.77
400m H48.7054.85
3000m St8:15.009:23.00
High Jump2.33m1.97m
Pole Vault5.82m4.73m
Long Jump8.27m6.86m
Triple Jump17.22m14.55m
Shot Put21.50m18.80m
Decathlon / Heptathlon8460 points6480 points
20km Walk1:20:101:29:20

There’s also the 4x100m, 4x400m, Mixed 4x400m and a for the first time, the Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay. Qualification for these are predominantly based on performances at the World Relay Championships and World Race Walk Team Championships.

In some events these entry standards are tougher than the current Australian records. For men: 10000m, 110m hurdles, 3000m steeplechase, shot put; and women: 100m, triple jump and hammer throw.

Not to despair, the World Athletics Rankings have generally been a favourable pathway for Australian athletes since their introduction (see for example, how most of the Australian team qualified for the 2023 World Championships in Budapest). The rankings are complex, being based on a scoring table for the quality of a performance and then a placing score depending on the World Athletics status of a meet, averaged across five performances (or for less contested events, two or three performances).

2023 World pole vault champion, Nina Kennedy. Photo by Fred Etter.

“I can say with true conviction that 2024 is set to be the year of Australian athletics.” Peter Bromley, Athletics Australia CEO

“For some years now we have been building toward a resurgence of Australian athletics, and between our current crop of athletes lifting the standard across the world and more people than ever getting involved at the grassroots level back here in Australia, our sport is entering a new era,” said Athletics Australia CEO, Peter Bromley.

“The days of Betty Cuthbert and John Landy, and then later Catherine Freeman and Steve Hooker were once regarded as a Golden Era for our sport but I can say with true conviction that 2024 is set to be the year of Australian athletics.

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“There is no better time to get around our sport and follow the journeys of our athletes on their way to the pinnacle – the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The Australian domestic season was a prime point scoring opportunity for athletes to amass World Ranking points, being out of season for northern hemisphere athletes.

In addition the Oceania Championships in June are a huge points bonanza. The competition is a far weaker overall standard than every other continental championship and also than the Australian Championships.

Key timelines

The qualifying period commenced:

  • For the marathon: 1 November 2022
  • For the 10000m, Decathlon/Heptathlon, 20km Walk and Relays: 31 December 2022
  • For all other events: 1 July 2023

The marathon qualifying period has a few closing milestones: 30 January 2024 (for 80% of the quota to be filled/considered qualified) and 5 May 2024 (for the remainder).

For all other events, 30 June 2024 is the end of the qualifying period.

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Qualifying Summary

A number of big changes in the past fortnight:

  • An Australian record by Rose Davies in the 5000m which also bettered the Olympic qualifying standard, which virtually secures selection for the national champion
  • Stewart McSweyn and Morgan McDonald bettering the 5000m standard, also virtually cementing their selection
  • Two 80m+ performances in the javelin seeing Cameron McEntyre move into a safe quota position in the men’s javelin
  • Tori West and Ash Moloney moving into contention for a quota position in the Heptathlon and Decathlon respectively following performances at the famed multievent Hypnomeeting in Gotzis

Meanwhile Austaralia’s marathon team is yet to be announced, with six women in contention for three places, while Liam Adams remains in limbo and officially currently still outside a quota position following World Athletics’s decision to prioritise universality places over world ranking qualified athletes in the Marathon. However, the matter is yet to be finalised.


100mRohan BrowningIn quota120344 of 56-4
100mJoshua AzzopardiOutside quota116577 for 56-10
100mSebastian SultanaOutside quota116379 for 56-9
100mJacob DespardOutside quota116279+ for 56-9
200mCalab LawIn quota118346 of 48-8
400mReece HolderQualified44.79s30 of 48-4
400mCooper ShermanOutside quota116572 for 48+13
400mAlex BeckOutside quota115376 for 48+1
400mLuke Van RatingenOutside quota114879+ for 48-7
800mJoseph DengQualified1:43.9914 of 48
800mPeter BolSelected1:44.2920 of 48-3
800mLuke BoyesIn quota benchmark120443 of 48-4
800mPeyton CraigIn quota119646+ of 48-5
800mJack LunnOutside quota116964+ of 48-7
800mCharlie HunterOutside quota116373+ of 48-8
800mJye PerrottOutside quota113583+ of 48-6
800mLachlan RaperOutside quota113583+ of 48-6
1500mStewart McSweynQualified3:31.4216 of 45
1500mAdam SpencerQualified3:31.8119 of 45
1500mCameron MyersQualified3:33.2624 of 45
1500mJesse HuntIn quota122434+ of 45+3
1500mJack AnsteyIn quota119842+ of 45-5
1500mCallum DaviesOutside quota116358+ for 45-4
1500mJames HansenOutside quota115564+ for 45-7
1500mMatthew RamsdenOutside quota113275+ for 45-10
1500mJude ThomasOutside quota113175+ for 45-7
1500mJye EdwardsOutside quota113075+ for 45-10
1500mConnor WhiteleyOutside quota112976+ for 45-11
1500mSam BlakeOutside quota112379+ for 45-12
1500mWilliam LewisOutside quota111881+ for 45-12
5000mStewart McSweynQualified12:56.0714 of 42+12
5000mMorgan McDonaldQualified13:00.4824 of 42+4
5000mJack RaynerIn quota119535 of 42-3
5000mMatthew RamsdenIn quota117938+ of 42-3
5000mJackson SharpOutside quota115248+ for 42-7
5000mKy RobinsonOutside quota115050+ for 42-9
5000mSam McEnteeOutside quota114151+ for 42+4
5000mToby GillenOutside quota111261+ for 42-12
5000mZac FacioniOutside quota110666+ for 42-6
10000mJack RaynerOutside quota120334 for 27-4
10000mKy RobinsonOutside quota115650 for 27-6
110m HJacob McCorryOutside quota116660 for 40-5
110m HTayleb WillisOutside quota116363 for 40-6
110m HChris DouglasOutside quota115866 for 40-8
110m HNick AndrewOutside quota113880+ for 40-8
400m HThomas HuntOutside quota114571 for 40-8
3000m StEd TrippasOutside quota117241 for 36-8
3000m StBen BuckinghamOutside quota117042 for 36-8
3000m StMatthew ClarkeOutside quota114252 for 36-4
3000m StLiam CashinOutside quota111860+ for 36-7
3000m StPatrick ThygesenOutside quota108972+ for 36new
MarathonBrett RobinsonQualified2:07.3152 of 80
MarathonPatrick TiernanQualified2:07:4561 of 80
MarathonLiam AdamsOutside quota119284 of 80-11
High JumpBrandon StarcIn quota benchmark123915 of 32
High JumpYual ReathIn quota benchmark123017 of 32+3
High JumpJoel BadenIn quota benchmark119623 of 32
High JumpRoman AnastasiosOutside quota114546+ of 32-6
Pole VaultKurtis MarschallQualified5.95m#NAME?
Long JumpChristopher MitrevskiSelected8.32m8 of 32-1
Long JumpLiam AdcockIn quota118731 of 32-3
Long JumpDarcy RoperOutside quota117437 for 32new
Long JumpHenry FrayneOutside quota116940 for 32-1
Long JumpZane BrancoOutside quota113456+ for 32-4
Triple JumpConnor MurphyIn quota benchmark118927 of 32-1
Triple JumpAiden HinsonOutside quota114242 for 32-3
Triple JumpJulian KonleOutside quota111157 for 32-9
Triple JumpTettah AnangOutside quota109365+ for 32new
Triple JumpShemiah JamesOutside quota108369+ for 32-9
Shot PutAlexander KolesnikoffOutside quota113049 for 32-3
Shot PutAiden HarveyOutside quota106279 for 32-6
DiscusMatt DennySelected69.35m6 of 32-1
HammerNone in top 80
JavelinCameron McEntyreIn quota benchmark119019 of 32+13
JavelinCruz HoganOutside quota106058 for 32-4
JavelinNash LowisOutside quota104860 for 32-3
JavelinHamish PeacockOutside quota103471+ for 32-6
JavelinLiam O’BrienOutside quota102774+ for 32-8
JavelinNeil JanseOutside quota102475+ for 32-9
DecathlonDaniel GolubovicIn quota benchmark121822 for 24
DecathlonAsh MoloneyOutside quota120824 for 24+21
DecathlonCedric DublerOutside quota115839 for 24-1
DecathlonAlec DiamondOutside quota112852+ for 24-3
DecathlonColby EddowesOutside quota109764+ for 24-4
20km WalkDeclan TingaySelected1:18:3018 of 48-1
20km WalkRhydian CowleySelected1:18:3320 of 48-2
20km WalkKyle SwanQualified1:18:5925 of 48-3
20km WalkTim FraserIn quota118741+ of 48-3
20km WalkWill ThompsonOutside quota116850+ for 48-2
20km WalkMitchell BakerOutside quota110778+ for 48-2
20km WalkCarl GibbonsOutside quota110279+ for 48-3
4x100mTeamQualified12 of 16
4x400mTeamOutside quota3:03.8133 for 16Needs 2:59.11
4x400m MixedTeamOutside quota3:19.6640 for 16Needs 3:13.55
After a tough 2023 Peter Bol has locked in Olympic selection.


100mBree MastersIn quota benchmark120239 of 56+3
100mTorrie LewisIn quota119145 of 56+2
100mEbony LaneIn quota117752 of 56-4
100mElla ConnollyOutside quota116760+ for 56-5
100mNaa AnangOutside quota114980+ for 56-10
100mAleksandra StoilovaOutside quota114291+ for 56-4
100mMia GrossOutside quota1137101+ for 56-14
200mTorrie LewisIn quota121722 of 48
200mMia GrossOutside quota114761 for 48+8
200mElla ConnollyOutside quota113374 for 48-12
200mKristie EdwardsOutside quota112287+ for 48-17
200mJessica MilatOutside quota112088+ for 48-16
400mEllie BeerIn quota benchmark121136 of 48-3
400mMikeala SelaidinakosOutside quota112985 for 48-10
800mCatriona BissetQualified1:57.7813 of 48-2
800mClaudia HollingsworthSelected1:58.4016 of 48-1
800mAbbey CaldwellSelected1:58.4819 of 48-1
800mBendere OboyaQualified1:59.0127+ of 48-3
800mCarley ThomasIn quota118747+ of 48-7
800mHayley KitchingOutside quota117252+ for 48+1
800mImogen BarrettOutside quota116262+ for 48-4
800mEllie SandfordOutside quota113682+ for 48-7
800mSarah BillingsOutside quota112987+ for 48-10
1500mLinden HallQualified3:56.9210 of 45
1500mJessica HullSelected3:57.5711 of 45
1500mGeorgia GriffithQualified3:59.0416 for 45-1
1500mSarah BillingsQualified3:59.5918+ of 45-1
1500mAbbey CaldwellQualified3:59.7919+ of 45-1
1500mMaudie SkyringOutside quota114265+ for 45-2
1500mJaylah Hancock-CameronOutside quota112671+ for 45-3
5000mRose DaviesQualified14:41.6514 of 42+8
5000mJessica HullQualified14:44.2417 of 42-3
5000mIsobel Batt-DoyleIn quota benchmark121225 of 42
5000mLauren RyanIn quota benchmark118329+ of 42-2
5000mMaudie SkyringIn quota benchmark116734+ of 42-2
5000mJenny BlundellIn quota benchmark116136+ of 42-3
5000mNatalie RuleIn quota114939+ for 42+12
5000mLeanne PompeaniOutside quota112948+ of 42-6
5000mGenevieve GregsonOutside quota112648+ of 42-6
5000mHolly CampbellOutside quota112349+ for 42-5
5000mAmy BunnageOutside quota111754+ for 42-7
5000mCaitlin AdamsOutside quota109163+ for 42-7
10000mLauren RyanSelected30:35.6610 of 27
10000mLeanne PompeaniOutside quota117539 for 27-4
10000mHolly CampbellOutside quota114749 for 27-4
10000mAmelia Mazza-DownieOutside quota113853+ for 27-7
100m HMichelle JennekeSelected12.7123 of 40-2
100m HLiz ClayIn quota benchmark121437 of 40-6
100m HDanielle ShawOutside quota119056 for 40-2
100m HCeleste MucciOutside quota118662+ for 40-6
100m HHannah JonesOutside quota117466+ for 40-4
400m HSarah CarliIn quota benchmark121826 of 40-2
400m HMarli WilkinsonOutside quota114468 for 40-11
400m HIsabella GuthrieOutside quota113671 for 40
3000m StCara Feain-RyanIn quota benchmark120733 of 40-4
3000m StAmy CashinIn quota benchmark120734 of 40+3
3000m StStella RadfordOutside quota117450 for 40new
3000m StGeorga WinkcupOutside quota115354 for 40-6
3000m StBrielle ErbacherOutside quota113359+ for 40-6
MarathonSinead DiverQualified2:21:3422 of 80
MarathonGenevieve GregsonQualified2:23:0830 of 80
MarathonLisa WeightmanQualified2:23:1531 of 80
MarathonIsobel Batt-DoyleQualified2:23:2733+ of 80
MarathonJessica StensonQualified2:24:0138+ of 80
MarathonEloise WellingsQualified2:25:4767+ of 80-1
High JumpNicola OlyslagersSelected2.03m2 of 32
High JumpEleanor PattersonSelected1.99m5 of 32
High JumpErin ShawOutside quota115338 for 32+4
High JumpAlexandra HarrisonOutside quota108767+ for 32-3
High JumpIzobelle Lousion-RoeOutside quota107970+ for 32-3
Pole VaultNina KennedyQualified4.91m1 of 32
Long JumpBrooke BuschkuehlIn quota benchmark127117 of 32
Long JumpSamantha DaleOutside quota115048 for 32-3
Long JumpElizabeth HeddingOutside quota110676 for 32-8
Triple JumpDesleigh OwusuOutside quota114437 for 32-2
Triple JumpKayla CubaOutside quota111847 for 32-8
Shot PutEmma BergOutside quota103751 for 32-7
Shot PutMarley RaikiwasaOutside quota98467 for 32-4
DiscusTaryn GollshewskyOutside quota108939 for 32-2
DiscusSamantha LentonOutside quota99271 for 32-5
HammerStephanie RatcliffeOutside quota109942 for 32-7
HammerLara RobertsOutside quota102963 for 32-2
JavelinMackenzie LittleQualified64.50m5 of 32
JavelinKathryn MitchellIn quota benchmark119013 of 32-1
JavelinKelsey-Lee BarberIn quota benchmark115220 of 32-4
JavelinLianna DavisonOutside quota108038+ for 32+5
JavelinSalumi RobertsOutside quota98271+ for 32-7
JavelinMackenzie MielczarekOutside quota96276+ for 32new
HeptathlonTori WestInside quota115624 for 24+13
HeptathlonCamryn Newton-SmithOutside quota113236 for 24-5
HeptathlonTaneille CraseOutside quota109349 for 24-1
20km WalkJemima MontagSelected1:27:097 of 48
20km WalkRebecca HendersonSelected1:28:4318 of 48-1
20km WalkOlivia SanderyQualified1:28:5225 of 48-1
20km WalkAllanah PitcherOutside quota109455+ for 48
20km WalkElizabeth McMillenOutside quota108956+ for 48
20km WalkHannah MisonOutside quota108856+ for 48
4x100mTeamQualified5 of 16
4x400mTeamOutside quota3:28.0522 for 16Needs 3:27.28
4x400m MixedTeamOutside quota3:19.6640 for 16Needs 3:13.55
Mackenzie Little

Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay

With the demise of the 50km Walk for men, a mixed relay over the 42.195km marathon distance replaces it. But with a twist: the event is a two person team event with each athlete walking two legs of 10.55km each. Qualification was primarily via the World Athletics Racewalking Team Championships on 21 April where Australia qualified two teams for Paris.

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2023 World Championships in Photos

A huge gallery of over 2000 photos courtesy of Fred Etter.