Nitro kicks off


A 7,000 strong crowd were on hand to watch the inaugural Nitro meet, with the Bolt All Stars taking line honours.

Hale to line up against Bolt at Nitro

Usain Bolt will run in the mixed gender 4x100m on the opening night of Nitro, presumably on the final leg. Australian junior record holder Jack Hale will anchor Australia, with Christine Wearne, Riley Day and Alex Hartmann running the first three legs.

Bolt’s Nitro events undertermined

He’s contracted to run a minimum of one event each night, with possibilities of 60m, 100m, 150m and relays to choose from.

Gregson and Lacaze to captain Australia

Australian athletics’s glamour couple lead the team for Nitro Athletics, with Fabrice Lapierre as manager and Nic Bideau as coach.

Can Nitro save Australian athletics? It must!

Great analysis of the state of Australian and global athletics by The Age’s Michael Gleeson.

“In gambling terms AA has gone all in on Nitro and some fear for the outcome of that gamble.But it was really no gamble at all for AA for if Nitro was not tried and allowed to succeed the sport would surely fail. There was no money for a domestic national season this year so the idea of continuing to do what had been tried and failed was no longer a choice. The option then was to pare back and become smaller and even less relevant. That too was not a choice.”